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Nicholl premises

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Where Quality and Service Matters

Throughout the Nicholl Group of Companies, we have established levels of production efficiency, hygiene, technical controls and quality protocols which are regarded as industry benchmarks throughout Europe. Our workforce is committed to the success of our venture and we discharge our environmental responsibilities thoroughly. We are very proud of our business and our reputation.

Our headquarters in Cannock, Staffordshire, England is purpose-built and once again establishes new standards for the whole packaging industry to follow. Our rigorously applied industrial logic of maintaining low unit cost output when compared with the rest of Europe is delivered in the most hygienic conditions.

As a customer of the Nicholl Group of Companies you do not have to demand competitive cost, quality, reliability and service - you have a right to them and you can expect to receive them from our first day of trading.

Nicholl premises interior

Where Quality and Service matter is our driving principle. The result is that…

For more than a decade, customer satisfaction and reliability have been our watchwords. The result is that we have an excellent reputation throughout the food industry.

As a result of continuous Capital Investment and by using innovative engineering and continually monitoring manufacturing procedures, we aim to be the lowest unit cost producer of aluminium containers in the UK.

Pest prevention and control are monitored to the highest food industry standard.

We adhere to stringent hygiene regimes, and subject our company procedures to external scrutiny. Nicholl Food Packaging has been awarded the British Retail Consortium Hygiene Standard.

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Our raw material is aluminium foil strip, produced to exacting international standards.

Alloys and Gauges of Aluminium sourced

We buy over 15,000 tonnes of aluminium foil strip per annum, and are Europe's largest buyer of metal rolled for this purpose.

The aluminium we buy is certified fit for food use, and conditioned with a thin film (about 250mg/m2) of food grade lubricant - also FDA approved. This helps to ensure absolutely consistent output from our presses.

Nicholl machinery

Invitation to Suppliers

Aluminium rolling is a global industry so we source our supplies around the world. Our buying strategy demands material produced to exacting press performance standards and only mills equipped with up-to-date process controls are qualified as suppliers.

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