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In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Bachmann Aluminium GmbH is responsible for sales, customer care and also for the product development of the Nicholl Group of Companies.

We have almost 1000 different products in a position to meet all customer requirements and can also work together to come up with individually customized solutions. With headquarters in Hanover and a nationwide operation product consultant team, we can respond to all inquiries quickly.

Bachmann Aluminium GmbH - a partner for all your aluminium packaging needs.


Aluminum containers in microwave ovens

All of our aluminum trays can be easily used in household microwave ovens (and have been from the model year 84).

These results have been proven by the Fraunhofer Institute in Freising. We will be happy to share details upon request.


Contact Details

Bachmann Aluminium GmbH

Bahnhofstraße 8 D-30159 Hannover

Phone +49 (0) 511-97 81 04-0
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Sales Manager, Nordic


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