A variety of standard lidding styles are offered to complement our products and match the design characteristics of aluminium containers. These include lids made in coated board for mechanical or manual placement, heat sealable foil and board lids. Other options are available for both manual and automatic closure.

In our product section the lidding styles available to suit each container are displayed in the data tables.

  • Foil board lids for IVC containers
  • Heat Seal lids for dairy dessert cups and other smoothwall applications
  • Reels of heat sealable foil for high volume closure
  • Transparent snap-on domes
  • Pre-formed aluminium hoods
Foil Board LidsHeat Sealable Foil ReelsHeat Sealable pre-cut Foil Lids
Heat Sealable Board LidsPre Formed Aluminium CoversPlastic Domes