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Bespoke Machinery
Nicholl Food Packaging aluminium foil containers are a testament to quality, so it makes sense to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your investment in high performance containers by using the finest dispensing, lidding and closing equipment.

Custom Machinery and Bespoke Options

HD10 semi-automatic
HD10: economical, compact semi-automatic.
Speed: 10+ closures/min
Max: 241x241, 50mm (depth)

For higher volume requirements such as mass production applications, continuous motion closing machines are a necessity. Nicholl can offer a total problem-solving service in this field, including the design, installation and servicing of machinery customized to suit your needs.

No two customers' applications are precisely the same, so we specialize in the provision of bespoke machinery that is a perfect match for the containers and contents that you use.

Whether you need a straightforward modification to one of our machines or are looking for an innovative solution to a totally new problem, talking to our installation specialists is your practical first step.

Service, maintenance and technical support are all included in the comprehensive approach provided by our Packaging machinery department.

Powered Closing Machinery

Type 40 Closing Machine
Type 40: efficient, ideal for full scale production.
Speed: 40 closures/min max
Max: 241x241, 50mm (depth)

Ranging from semi-automatic models, capable of closing containers at the rate of at least 10 per minute, to continuous motion machines closing at the rate of up to 100 per minute, Nicholl Food Packaging has container lidding and closing systems to suit a wide variety of applications.

The HD10 semi-automatic is flexible and ideal for market trials and small scale production. Features:

  • Low maintenance
  • Coverlok closure facility
  • Suits IVC and hemmed edge rim styles

The Type 40 Closing machine is highly efficient for securing flat lids to aluminium foil containers. It can handle round, rectangular and square containers with interrupted vertical curl, hemmed edge or raw vertical rim styles at speeds of up to 40 closures a minute. Features:

  • Lids placed onto containers by hand.
  • Easy maintenance with 'One Shot Centralised Lubrication System'
  • Coverlok closure facility
CMC (Continuous Motion Closing) Machine
CMC: top of range
Speed: 80 closures/min max
Min: 127x102 mm (rectangular)
Max: 314x276 mm (rectangular)
Min: 140mm (round)
Max: 276 mm (round)

For true, high speed production lines, the Nicholl CMC (Continuous Motion Closing) machine is the obvious choice. It can automatically close round, square or rectangular flanged containers and is well suited to packaging liquid products at speed because it operates in continuous motion without changing direction or level. Features:

  • It can stand alone or as part of a food processing production line
  • Ease of maintenance from stainless steel and aluminium used in construction.
  • Random infeed, auto lid depositor, serrated closures, embossed code dating options available
  • Coverlok closure facility
  • Suits IVC and hemmed edge, raw rim styles

Further details including technical specifications of our machinery are available on application.

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