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Packaging Machinery: Hand Closing

Hand Closing Machinery
Nicholl Food Packaging aluminium foil containers are a testament to quality, so it makes sense to ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your investment in high performance containers by using the finest dispensing, lidding and closing equipment.

Hand Closing Machinery

Hand Hooding
Hand Hooding: for full curl containers.
Speed: 10 closures/min
Max: 324x264, 65mm (depth)

Providing a simple, inexpensive and practical way to close a wide variety of aluminium foil containers, Nicholl Food Packaging Hand Closing machines are perfect for smaller scale operations with low volume requirements. Durable and easy to clean, they are manufactured from cast aluminium.

In terms of operation, nothing could be easier: simply insert the container with its lid - and close.

These Hand Closing machines have been designed to be compatible with interrupted vertical curl, hemmed edge or raw edge foil containers, and to enable the operator to achieve a throughput of at least 10 containers a minute using foil board laminated or PVC lids. At this rate, they are ideal for small catering operations, low volume production and new product launches.

Hand Toggle Press
Hand toggle press : simple, cheap closure.
Speed: 10 closures/min
Max: 241x241, 50mm (depth)

Hand hooding machines close containers with standard cut foil pieces or preformed foil lids. Features:

  • Simple quarter turn operation
  • Corrosion resistant materials ease maintenance
  • Compact and portable
The Hand toggle press lets you close containers with minimal capital investment. Features:
  • Simple operation: pull down handle and release
  • Will lid a wide range of shapes with interchangeable dies
  • Coverlok closure facility
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact and portable

Accessories - Made to Special Order

Nicholl can provide special accessories for use with our hand closing equipment. For example:

  • A printing head accessory enables the machines to print a brief product description, code or date-stamp on the lid while the container is being crimped.
  • An elevator platform increases the rate of output. Hand closing machines fitted with the elevator platform enable the product to be slid into position as opposed to lifting the item in and out of the unit. The elevator platform accessory is ideal for difficult to handle products, and will give increased throughput. (To obtain maximum benefit from this accessory, the worktop should be raised on either side of the unit.)

Please enquire if you want more details, or your application requires other accessories.

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