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Because we are at the forefront of aluminium foil container production, we are constantly striving for innovations and new developments to provide unbeatable quality and value.

News from the Nicholl Food Packaging group

Latest news from the Nicholl Food Packaging group is currently available in English only.

Recycling success for aluminium

European average recycling rate for alufoil trays and semi-rigid containers has reached 40%, according to figures compiled by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA).

Used in markets such as ready prepared meals, bakery products, pet foods and takeaway foods, alufoil trays and containers are a consumer-friendly and infinitely recyclable material.

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News from Ecopla

Ecopla is continuing to develop its business in Europe with the launch of new exclusive product ranges for its customers

Group News Releases

Group News Releases

Company news releases from the group are available on our site. Media organizations should contact the marketing department for pre-embargo releases.

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