Nicholl Food Packaging offers a wide choice of lidding options to complement its containers, and to suit the variety of customer applications they are used in.


Tooling on new closure lines is quick and relatively cheap. If you have particular needs please don't hesitate to contact us.

Foil Board Lids

For IVC and Hemmed Edge products, foil board lids are designed as an economic, printable and convenient means of closure. The lids are produced in our own factory and we can supply from stock to fit most of our existing liddable containers.

We can also offer tailor-made supply arrangements. Additional shapes and sizes can readily be supplied on short lead-times as part of a supply agreement with our customers. To learn more use the enquiry form here.

Different material grades of foil board lid are available:

  • Standard - ovenable up to 200°C
  • High temperature - ovenable up to 220°C
  • Double Sided Foil Board - Ovenable up to 220°C
  • Custom shapes of foil board are available.
  • We offer a full printing service ranging from standard or generic print (e.g. 'Remove Lid Before Cooking') through to custom artwork.
  • A full range of colours are available including gold or silver.
  • One or more colours can include varnish.
  • lease note that photographic quality print cannot be reproduced due to the nature of the material.
Our new foil lid 81-2000

Our new foil lid, 81-2000 fits all of our foils with the dimensions of 227x177.

Lidding and Closure Options

Lidding options for a particular container depend on its rim style. We stock a wide variety including:

Lid Image   Lid Description   Suits Rim
Lid image   Foil board laminate lids (can be printed with branding and/or cooking instructions)    
Lid image   Microwaveable board lids (may also be printed)   Raw, HE, IVC
Lid image   Aluminium preformed hoods   RE
Lid image   Cut foil pieces (sheets of foil, interleaved with tissue for ease of handling)   RE
Lid image   Hooding Foil Reels   RE
Lid image   Transparent snap-on lids   RE
Lid image   Transparent domes   Raw, HE, IVC
Lid image   Transparent crimp in shallow step lids   Raw, HE, IVC
Lid image   Heat seal film or foil   RE (most)
Lid image   Perforated board lids   Raw, HE, IVC


Raw = Raw Vertical Edge
RE = Rolled Edge
HE = Hemmed Edge
IVC = Interrupted Vertical Curl

Seal and Closure Types

The following seal types are commonly used with our foil containers:

Closure image   Standard Seal - The vertical edges of a raw vertical edge, hemmed edge or interrupted vertical curl container are folded over a foilboard or clear PVC lid.   M, A
Closure image   Serrated Seal - With this closure a continuous series of closely spaced indentations, which effectively tack the lid to the container flanges, provides additional tightness and rigidity.   A
Closure image   Hooded Seal - A foil is simply rolled around the edges of a full curl container and tucked under the horizontal edge.   M, A
Closure image   Coverlok - A closure where a portion of the edges are bent 90 degrees downwards from the horizontal, enhancing considerably pack strength and visual appeal. Can also improve leak resistance and tamper evidence.   A
Closure image   Heat Sealing - A foil lid coated with a heat seal lacquer or plastic film is sealed on to the horizontal rim of a container.   M, A


A = Suits Automatic Closing
M = Suits Manual Closing

The next page contains a lidding enquiry form so you can tell us about your precise lidding requirements.

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