After Sales Service

Quality, price and after sales service are three factors that are critical to the success of Nicholl Group of Companies, with experienced, professional and dedicated sales personnel to meet all of your needs from initial order through to delivery.

The sales team will be able to advise and offer a complete packaging solution for your individual needs.

Some of the other services available:

  • Full bespoke design service
  • Technical back up for both product and packaging
  • Educational visits available
  • On time delivery monitoring
  • Access to the Nicholl Group of Companies products, services and experience.

Office opening hours
Monday - Thursday   0800 - 1700
Friday   0800 - 1630


Our wide-ranging services enable us to meet market demands whilst continually exceeding customer expectations.

The Nicholl Group of Companies offers an extensive portfolio of aluminium foil containers alongside a number of other items that are used in conjunction with containers in food processing or food service applications.

Our customers will benefit from world-class advice and guidance from the experts. We have technical expertise in design of tooling and set-up, product innovation and product design & manufacture.


Wherever you are on this scale, you can be sure that the same standards apply - superb systems, designed with user efficiency and safety in mind, manufactured and finished with meticulous care.

Bespoke tray design services

Because of our commitment to working with the food sector's needs for more than 20 years, we have an extensive stock of aluminium trays which are likely to suit your needs. However for clients with a food product which requires a tailored or innovative design approach, our bespoke design facility is fully equipped.

Our commitment to technical excellence and quality custom design means that if you need a bespoke service to create and manufacture aluminium trays especially for a specific product, the Nicholl Group of Companies has the technical facilities and skill which will ensure premium quality in both design and delivery.

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