A new training machine moves to the Gerhard Schubert Training Center


Schubert, a specialist in the packaging industry, continually develops its state-of-the-art top-loading packaging machines. To ensure that customers and employees are always up to date with the latest technologies, the company offers regular training courses at its Training Center, which opened its doors just under a year and a half ago. Demand for these courses is high and Schubert has now invested in a new training machine to continue to meet this demand.

At the beginning of March, the Schubert Training Center was expanded with a new training machine.

Schubert inaugurated the new Training Center at its headquarters in Crailsheim at the end of 2022. And a lot of progress has been made since then. The existing training portfolio was reviewed and revised in order to respond even better to the specific needs of customers and employees. To achieve this, Schubert developed new formats and content and designed a series of online training courses, in addition to the face-to-face courses. Schubert is currently completing its offer with a digital learning platform. Staffing capabilities have also been increased to allow the wide-ranging program to operate continuously. What was missing, however, was a new training machine. Sarah Busch, Customer Training Manager at Gerhard Schubert, explains: “Our training concept is based on a balanced mix of traditional and digital learning content. Interactive courses and explanatory videos are a great way to understand and become familiar with certain topics, but some topics are easier to learn when you are at the machine with a trainer and a small team, and have the opportunity to get hands-on. to work and try things. As our previous training machines were always full, we decided to invest in another model.”

The training machine incorporates the most advanced robotic technology.

Typical exercises carried out on new and older packaging machines include standard activities such as referencing the robots, selecting new programs on the control panel, as well as relevant checks, maintenance, recognition and rectification of error messages and resolution of problems. The training also covers the various components of the training machine system, which is at the forefront of technology. From the Transmodul to the F2 and T5 robots, including the 3D scanner, the goal is to acquire important knowledge. Sarah Busch adds: “The training courses are very popular with our employees and customers. With our new training machine, we can expand our capabilities and offer many more training courses. “Our customers and employees benefit from a hands-on training experience, which ultimately benefits everyone in their daily work.”

Mario Müller, training developer, and Thomas Keller, technical trainer.