Notice of Company Sold

ATTENTION: Nicholl Food Packaging has been sold to Euro Packaging Group.

Nicholl Food Packaging Microwavable Foil Containers and Aluminium Smoothwalls

Those who directed to this site finding information on Advanta (Nicholl Food Packaging) please visit the website of EURO PACKAGING GROUP UK Ltd.

Nicholl Food Packaging was a specialist manufacturer and distributor of foil containers and associated packaging for all sectors of the food industry throughout the U.K, Europe and North American markets.

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The Current Nicholl Food Packaging is an Informational Site of Food Processing & Packaging

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The current Nicholl Food Packaging site is just an informational site that talks about packaging automation, sustainable packaging, packaging innovation, and popular trend in the food and food packaging industry.

Our topics cover sectors in the food industry such as

  • ready meals (single-serve entrees, prepared meals and ready-to-cook meals),
  • drinks and beverages,
  • frozen foods,
  • tea and coffee,
  • and so forth.


We appreciate the following businesses in supporting and effort into the development and innovations in food packaging & processing, packaging innovations, packaging automation…

ADVANTA is one of the leading foil container manufacturers in Europe

W&M Watson Packaging Ltd is a proud member of The United Packaging and Box Group

Coppice Allupack. International packaging supplier to the food manufacturing, processing and baking industries

Global manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of retail-led packaging products


ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery, manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, sleever and film overwrapper

Bachmann Packaging

Bachmann Group. Owner-managed group of companies operating in the electrical engineering industry


OTOFLY is an American brand seller in the field of phone packaging and accessories