ABB showed at Empack and Logistics & Automation 2023 the latest technology to transform packaging automation and intralogistics


In addition to the new equipment, ABB gave a presentation on “Artificial intelligence and robotics” at the Logistics & Automation, as well as in the Live Tour: Innovations in intralogistics.
ABB showed in EmPack andLogistics & Automation 2023 the latest technology to transform packaging automation and intralogistics at your stand, and demos.

Collaborative robotics for palletizing

The visitor was able to see live and interact with a collaborative palletizing application with the new cobot GoFa 10TM, with a 10 kg payload

The GoFa cobot incorporates a series of features that allow it to simultaneously share the workspace with people, without having to incur the costs associated with physical barriers and fences, without compromising safety, thus providing maximum flexibility and efficiency.

ABB has just launched this year two new variants GoFa 10T and GoFa 12, handling payloads of up to 12 kilograms, a reach of up to 1.62 m and with market-leading repeatability of 0.02 mm, to cover everything type of applications.

Likewise, thanks to the FlexPendant and the easy-to-program Wizard Easy Programming software, it is possible to operate the cobot in just a few minutes, and without the need for robot programming knowledge.

The integration of collaborative robots in the packaging industry allows the automation of repetitive tasks, gaining efficiency, improving quality and increasing the productivity of industrial plants.A solution based on an IRB 1300 robot, artificial intelligence and vision that allows automating order picking and sorter induction operations. The solution allows you to detect and manipulate items with precision in any unstructured environment, even in multi-reference box or bucket scenarios.

The main differentiator of this solution is that it is a 100% integrated solution, standard and industrialized. ABB is the supplier not only of the robot, but also of the cell control software and artificial intelligence vision software. This allows the user to have a single HMI interface to control all components of the cell (robot, AI software, vision system and gripper).

This system has applications in many sectors, among others in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion, e-commerce and parcel sectors.

Picking & High-speed packing with delta technology and PickMaster Twin software
The picking and packing cell with delta technology, equipped with the IRB 365 FlexPicker robot< /span>, allows products of different loads to be handled at high speed thanks to the PickMaster Twin line management software. This software combines the vision-guided random flow management capabilities of PickMaster3 with digital twin robot technology, which increases productivity, decreases start-up time and at the same time maximizes overall line efficiency.

Mobile Robotics (AMR) for intralogistics automation

The addition of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to ABB’s portfolio allows them to offer a full range of robotic solutions for transformation of intralogistics automation, thanks to the flexibility and scalability they offer.

At its stand, the visitor was able to see firsthand a resistant, easy, safe and flexible solution for the transport of carts, with the Flexley Tug AMR T702 autonomous mobile robot. This AMR is equipped with Visual SLAM navigation, based on artificial intelligence, which allows AMRs to make intelligent decisions in dynamic and complicated environments. As an innovative product, it has been selected by the Live Tour: Innovations in intralogistics, which will take place at our stand on November 30 at 12:30 p.m. , where we will do a live demonstration.

In the Demo area of ​​the Logistics & Automation, presented the aFlexleyStack F602 stacker, which offers superior performance in handling palletized loads. In this case, it is a stacker-type AMR with the capacity to transport loads of up to 1,600 kg at almost 1.8m high. This AMR provides great agility and flexibility, making it the ideal solution for a wide variety of storage and logistics functions.

Thanks to its multiple adaptations (the mast is configurable up to reaching the 6 m high), can easily automate applications such as vertical operations, receiving input and sending output, as well as line supply and end-of-line handling.

In addition, ABB participated in the Technology Forum with a presentation on November 30 on “Artificial intelligence and robotics in intralogistics”.