We are delighted to announce that the Nicholl Group of Companies has been acquired by Bawtry Investments Limited.

Bawtry Investments Limited is the parent company of Bawtry Carbon Limited, a UK manufacturer of carbon products based near Doncaster.

The principal shareholder in Bawtry Investments Limited is Mr Jerry Ren, an Australian businessman with a range of interests in the mining and materials exploration sectors.

Bawtry Carbon Limited manufactures highly specialist carbon products that are a key component in the process for the production by smelting of primary aluminium metal from its ore. Over 90% of the company’s products are exported to the major aluminium producers around the world such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Hydro Aluminium and Alcoa.

Bawtry Investments Limited is committed to sustainable manufacturing and sees the acquisition of the Nicholl Group as a key development in its growth strategy.


The Board of Directors of Nicholl consider that the acquisition by Bawtry Investments Limited to be very positive and believe it will provide greater opportunities to maximise the potential of our Group, therefore providing enhanced long term development and stability.

This progressive development will not affect the first class customer service we strive to provide or impact upon our excellent commercial relationship.

Thank you for your valued business.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further clarification.

Thank you


E John Griffiths

Group Chief Executive

23 April 2012