Alcampo puts its second product on the market with Blockchain technology


Alcampo has launched a new product with blockchain technology on the market. These are organic eggs marketed under its brand ‘Cultivamos lo Bueno’ (formerly Alcampo Controlled Production) from its supplier Casa Garzea. By scanning the code available on their cardboard packs with 6 and 10 eggs, variable information can be accessed according to each productive batch, such as the farm, warehouse, collection date, packaging date, units per batch and a counter of the amount of plastic avoided since May, the date on which the first Blockchain tests began.

This is the second product with Blockchain technology that the company incorporates in its shelves, the first being the free-range eggs also from its We Grow the Good brand.

Alcampo has been offering these organic eggs on its shelves for years. In addition to the inclusion of Blockchain, it has renewed the range by unifying the calibers to be all L and expanding sales formats (half a dozen and a dozen).

The organic eggs We Grow the Good come from hens that are raised with organically produced food in at least 80% of their diet, which may include vegetables, herbs, cereals, corn or organic feed.

Cultivamos lo Bueno is the new name that replaces Alcampo Controlled Production, and welcomes products that recover flavors and smells of yesteryear always offering a plus of quality and traceability, in addition to a clear added value in social and environmental aspects. In total, there are more than 250 products, of which 60 are organic.