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Nicholl Food Packaging is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of foil containers and associated packaging for all sectors of the food industry throughout the U.K, Europe and North American markets. We are amongst the largest foil container producers in the world with an innovative approach which has resulted in a number of prestigious awards.

Environmental Credentials

At Nicholl we are committed to ensure that we fulfill our environmental obligations.

Biodegradable Containers

Nicholl launch a new range of biodegradable pulp containers. Robust, heat resistant, microwave and freezer proof, made from renewable natural fibres that degrade safely in a matter of weeks.

Read more about our new biodegradable containers.


Aluminium foil trays get the ‘thumbs up’ for use in microwave ovens. Conclusive evidence that aluminium foil trays can be used safely in microwave ovens has been established by a study from the Fraunhofer Institute in Freising, Germany. Read more.

Nicholl Food Packaging Microwavable Foil Containers and Aluminium Smoothwalls

Conclusive evidence that aluminium foil packaging can be used safely in microwave ovens has been established by a study from the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, Germany.The results dispel the myth that aluminium foil containers are unsafe for use in microwave ovens and prove that consumer fears about using alufoil packs in the microwave are unfounded.

In fact in some instances consumer convenience is improved as not only are alufoil packs more rigid, something that is equally applicable to dual-ovenable containers, the use of aluminium foil enhances the appearance of the food when heated in the microwave oven. For example the study found that in the case of lasagne heated in a microwave oven its visual appearance was superior as a brown crust was formed on the surface.

Conducted on behalf of the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) with the support of the US Aluminium Foil Container Manufacturers Association (AFCMA) the study concluded, “Microwave heating of food packaged in aluminium foil trays or in plastic containers with aluminium foil or aluminium laminated lids is perfectly viable.”

No hazardous results or damage to ovens were found in the more than 200 food portions that were heated in aluminium foil containers or packs containing aluminium foil. Thomas Pfeiffer, the study’s author, said, “The Fraunhofer Institute conducted the heating procedures with the microwave ovens set at maximum power and there was not a single case of damage to the microwave ovens or danger to the users.”Four kitchen microwave ovens were used to test aluminium foil trays containing tap water, egg batter, frozen lasagne and minced meat. Tests were also conducted on plastic cups and plastic trays containing a noodle soup and a children’s menu, covered with either aluminium foil or aluminium laminate lid.

The study found some differences in the time needed to heat products when aluminium foil containers were compared with plastic trays. Due to variations in heating patterns and depending on tray geometry and food type, heating times for aluminium foil packs were sometimes longer.

However, observed Pfeiffer, “The study also provides some interesting results regarding heating patterns and heating uniformity. In some cases they appeared to be better in aluminium foil trays.”

EAFA has also created a new logo to promote the use of aluminium foil in microwaveable packs. The logo is intended to be used by packaging manufacturers as well as fillers to help convince consumers that it is safe to use alufoil packaging in microwave ovens.


Product Categories

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Smoothwall trays have a smooth rim, which allows each tray to be hermetically heat sealed with standard film on high speed machines. Gas flushing techniques can be incorporated into the filling and sealing phases of meal production. Their robust construction enables sleeves and cartons to be lightweighted, reducing total pack costs.

Advantages of our smoothwall foils include: Solid construction – safe, rigid in oven, Shatterproof when frozen, Leakproof hermetic seal, Can extend shelf life using MAP/CAP, Minimizes handling of raw meat/poultry

Foil Containers

We offer a very large range of more than 800 foil container products. You will probably find we stock a container that suits your exact requirements. We will be delighted to consider tooling up for a new model – as an exclusive or made generally available.

The high quality of our foil containers is renowned in the food industry, and recognized by our accreditations (ISO9001, BRC). Aluminium provides the best combination of features, price point, and environmental sustainability. We back this up with the highest levels of customer service.

Advantages of our foil containers: Lightweight foil reduces costs, Designs maximize strength, Ideal for a variety of closures



Micro-Perf Perforated Products

Fibre Pulp Trays

Dual Ovenable Board


Nicholl Food Packaging offers a wide choice of lidding options to complement its containers, and to suit the variety of customer applications they are used in. Tooling on new closure lines is quick and relatively cheap. If you have particular needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Accessories
  • Toplex Film Lidding

For IVC and Hemmed Edge products, foil board lids are designed as an economic, printable and convenient means of closure. The lids are produced in our own factory and we can supply from stock to fit most of our existing liddable containers.

We can also offer tailor-made supply arrangements. Additional shapes and sizes can readily be supplied on short lead-times as part of a supply agreement with our customers. To learn more use the enquiry form here.

Different material grades of foil board lid are available:

  • Standard – ovenable up to 200°C
  • High temperature – ovenable up to 220°C
  • Double Sided Foil Board – Ovenable up to 220°C
  • Custom shapes of foil board are available.
  • We offer a full printing service ranging from standard or generic print (e.g. ‘Remove Lid Before Cooking’) through to custom artwork.
  • A full range of colours are available including gold or silver.
  • One or more colours can include varnish.

Please note that photographic quality print cannot be reproduced due to the nature of the material.