Notice of Company Sold

ATTENTION: Nicholl Food Packaging has been sold to Euro Packaging Group. Those who directed to this site finding information on Advanta (Nicholl Food Packaging) please visit the website of EURO PACKAGING GROUP UK Ltd.
Nicholl Food Packaging was a specialist manufacturer and distributor of foil containers and associated packaging for all sectors of the food industry throughout the U.K, Europe and North American markets.
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Econo-Pak Schaubild


Our packaging machinery

To meet your manufacturing requirements there is a wide range of application equipment available.
Our systems are designed to give you the maximum performance, flexibility and efficiency with the minimum of components. Allowing you to achieve better productivity, better quality and lower costs.

  • Carton Former
  • Carton Closer
  • Cartoner
  • Sleeving Machine
  • Case Packer
  • Automatic and semi-automatic packaging-machinery and -lines
  • Packaging appliances and installations
  • Robot-applications
  • Filling-applications and coding
  • Conveyors

Industry Portals

Comprehensive and sophisticated solutions for various industries
We offer a comprehensive range of customized solutions. The customer concentrates on the core task and Econo-Pak provides the optimal concept for the packaging process.

We are proud to consider companies of many different industries as our customers. Therefore, our concept solutions are geared toward these industries. We use standardised automation solutions that respond to present as well as prospective technical requirements.