Balcony Cartoner “Gran Sonata” for Advanced Food Application


The next-generation intermittent cartoner by ELITER Packaging Machinery features multi-axis servo technologies and is highlighted by balcony and drop-through structure that allows maximum accessibility for maintenance, cleaning and hygiene.

From: ELITER Packaging Machinery – a HUANENG Company

SWOP 2023 Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner

The food industry has specific needs and high-end requirements in terms of secondary packaging automation that ELITER Packaging Machinery is now here to provide matching solutions with its next-generation intermittent cartoner.

“Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner is an upgraded intermittent motion cartoner to accommodate the cartoning process of food products and cover until even the carton size of 12-inch pizza. The machine features a multi-axis servo drive system and hygienic stainless-steel structure that makes this machine an ideal option for the cartoning automation of food products, highlighting the balcony and drop-through structure that allows maximum accessibility, cleaning, and maintenance.

“The standard version of “Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner comes in complete SUS construction and can be optionally customized as washdown to IP65.”, commented Lingmeng Huang, Head of R+D+I Engineering at ELITER Packaging Machinery

The development of “Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner stems from the ever-demanding clients of ELITER Packaging in the food industry. The machine features servo technologies that guarantee the highest efficiency and flexibility, as well as low-maintenance and lubrification-free. The machine offers the option to get incorporated with advanced automatic size changeover that allows supported, fast, and repeatable format changes.

Standard Features of “Gran Sonata” Balcony Cartoner

  • Hygienic stainless-steel structure and frame
  • Walk-in balcony and drop-through design with maximum access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Coverage until the carton size of 320*320*100 mm
  • Focke Meler B4 glue melting system
  • Fixed but adjustable carton magazine with the full range of sizes covered by 3 magazines
  • Siemens SINACMICS multi-axis servos and corresponding programmable logic controller, human-machine interface, multi-axis servo synchronization module

Optional Features

  • Perforated stainless steel safety doors
  • Customized to carton size 320*320*130 mm
  • Nordson Mesa or Nordson ProBlue glue melter
  • Washdown to IP65
  • Additional fixed carton magazine
  • Extended and powered carton hopper
  • Servo-supported, motorized changeover sets

About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery- a HUANENG company, is a family-owned business for three generations, manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever located in Wenzhou, China.

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