Barcelona Packaging Hub exhibits the competitiveness of the Spanish industry of packaging machinery manufacturers at the annual Hispack event


Barcelona Packaging Hub once again consolidates its commitment to the constant development of the packaging industry. This has been confirmed with its participation in Hispack , the reference fair for the packaging industry in south-western Europe, which was held in Barcelona from May 7 to 10.

The participating partners in this edition have been Effyteck, INVpack, Jorpack, Mengibar, Movitec, Posimat, Synchropack, TMI and United Barcode Systems.

Participation in the fair is valued very positively. According to Lucas Palma, director of the Hub, “participation in reference fairs such as Hispack allows Hub companies to establish contacts with potential clients, suppliers and partners, as well as strengthen our presence in the market.” Furthermore, “the synergy between the members makes it possible to promote R&D&I projects that encourage the transfer of knowledge, which helps us project an image of innovation and collaboration, being able to show the world Spanish excellence in comprehensive solutions. packaging”.

Thanks to the collaboration between the different associated companies, a wide range of comprehensive packaging machinery solutions could be presented: from equipment for packaging and packaging, coding and labeling to filling and packaging and palletizing systems.

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Innovation in comprehensive solutions

Some of the new features that were presented are the following. The Swirl filling machine, from Mengibar , is a revolution for the future of cosmetics, since it allows everyday products to be converted into extraordinary experiences thanks to its transformation in filling, which allows elevating the presentation of the product until it becomes a true work of art. art.

United Barcode Systems presented the latest launches in labeling and coding solutions, such as the new APL 80S or the APL 80ELV, which allow pallet coding at the end of the production line, allowing printing and application on up to 3 sides of the pallet. In the case of the second innovation, it allows it to be done with stacked pallets of different heights thanks to the lifting column. In addition, the partner company brought other notable launches to the fair, such as the APLINK MRX72e inkjet printer.

INVpack , as a reference company in the single-dose packaging sector, presented two very different but at the same time indispensable machines for single-dose packaging projects:

the C2 rotary machine, designed specifically for packaging in pod format, which guarantees safe and aesthetic packaging of cosmetic products in individual capsule format;
and the BY3 EVO, which represents the cutting edge in vertical flexible packaging in stick pack format and meets the packaging needs of a wide range of products, from powders to liquids and gels.
EFFYTEC , which was celebrating its 20th anniversary, wanted to bring to the fair the same model of machine with which they inaugurated the company. They opted for the HB32 TRIPLEX, but with numerous changes and improvements since its first version in 2004. This machine is special for flat sachets, with a performance of 210-240 envelopes/minute, for envelopes of max. 107mm wide.

TMI surprised with the EFS high-speed HS bagging machine, which provides sustained high production, total automation of the bagging process, which allows reducing downtime, optimizing packaging consumption, more stable palletization and energy savings. All this offering an experience that is very easy to operate, easy to maintain and stands out for its smoothness and precision of movements, as well as precision in weighing. This innovative machine can produce up to 2,600 bags per hour in a granulated format. They also surprised the industry with the ILERBAG HS, designed above all for the chemical and petrochemical sectors, it is especially suitable for those granulated products that flow well.

The COMPACTBOT Robotic Positioner was Posimat’s bet and stands out for its potential to optimize production processes and improve profitability. In addition, during the fair they were able to exhibit one of their classic MICRO model rotary positioners in operation, demonstrating their experience and leadership in the field of handling empty plastic bottles.

Jorpack surprised attendees with its collaborative robot serving drinks and distributing bags. In addition, for the occasion they launched their Special Edition Hispack 2024 Fair, a publication where clients give voice to the trends and problems in their sectors, as well as explaining their relationship with Jorpack.

For its part, Synchropack revealed to attendees the latest innovations in flowpack technology and upcoming trends and solutions.

Movitec offered a demonstration of the Saturn S8 with the application of corner pieces. This machine is the brand’s premium model for wrapping pallets. It also allows the load to be fixed so that it is stable. This machine is suitable for both pallets and containers and the quantity of pallets that can be wrapped, within the same quality standards, is the element that makes the difference.

Barcelona Packaging Hub

Currently, the association brings together 20 leading companies in the sector and is committed to innovation as an engine of growth and competitiveness.

The participation of Barcelona Packaging Hub and Hispack 2024 is a reflection of the dynamism and competitiveness of the Spanish industry of packaging machinery manufacturers. The Hub consolidates itself as a key player in the development of the sector, highlighting the values ​​of commitment, technological innovation and specialization that characterize the association.

Barcelona Packaging Hub would like to thank all the visitors for their presence and for the interest they showed in the different technological innovations that advance the sector and position Barcelona and Spain as a technological reference in the packaging sector.