Bizerba presents CleanCut Linerless Solution at Hispack 2024


Fully automated processes, a complete digital service that guarantees optimal production operation, sustainable labels that improve packaging and modular software that guarantees to always be updated, that’s all that Bizerba ‘s CleanCut Linerless wraparound labeling solution offers , which will present at Hispack 2024. It will also present the LabelSecure online vision inspection solution.

linerless label machine

CleanCut Linerless allows for increased uptime and greater profitability. The exclusive coating technology takes advantage of every millimeter of the label roll, saving adhesive at the label cut points, so the labeling system blades remain clean cut after cut. In addition, linerless label rolls contain up to 40% more labels, thus reducing cleaning cycles, label roll changes and the space required for storage.

The GLM-Ievo CleanCut wraparound labeler optimizes the labeling process through quick product and label roll changes, thanks to automatic product adjustments. Furthermore, its simple and intuitive handling makes it easy to use, even for unqualified personnel.

The modular design of the CleanCut Linerless solution offers complete flexibility. It has numerous modules and options to design the perfect labeling solution for each client’s needs. Likewise, it allows the integration of, for example, an inspection system with a compact size. This gives the possibility of automatic labeling and inspection, all in a single process.


LabelSecure G2 provides unique inspection performance for all types of products. Bizerba’s innovative vision inspection system checks that the labels of packaged products contain all the necessary information correctly and remain in perfect condition. Likewise, it is capable of recognizing characters and codes in 1D and 2D, with a minimum size of 3 millimeters omnidirectionally.
The LabelSecure G2 inline vision inspection solution automatically rejects poorly labeled products and notifies operators of errors or production issues with an audible signal, allowing them to immediately resolve the issue. In this way, Bizerba LabelSecure prevents customer complaints and product recalls as a result of incorrect labeling or defective direct printing on cardboard, stretch film or other packaging materials. This entire verification process guarantees that only products of impeccable quality are marketed.

The LabelSecure G2 vision inspection system allows for exhaustive product tracking, as all images recorded during the production process can be archived. In addition, it is capable of generating reports that include production results periodically. This aspect is fundamental, since it represents the basis for the evaluation and optimization of the production line.