CARS Passive UV LED flexo printing units


Since 1972 De Rossi Vittoriano has been operating on the market aiming for excellence, attention to detail and precision. This is demonstrated by its innovative passive UV LED flexo printers, ideal solutions for flexographic printing or painting on flexible packaging and more.

With CE certificate for protections, easier to use and clean, as well as cheaper than classic flexo units, passive UV LED flexo printers are supplied ready to use, complete with pneumatic pumps for ink feeding and recirculation and a UV LED system that controls 2 printers with a single panel. The performance in terms of print quality and speed is truly remarkable: thanks to the closed chambers, they are able to manage over 200 meters per minute. Another advantage not to be underestimated concerns their ease of installation, which can be carried out directly by the end user via videos and detailed instructions for use.

It is possible to manage two flexo printers with UV LED lamps, thanks to a single rack (management panel)

and nothing else is needed: the electro-pneumatic logic is contained in the rack or in the module.


UV LED ink does not dry like solvent and machine downtime can be carried out without the need for cleaning. Not only that, compared to traditional UV it ensures energy savings of 70%, it does not form ozone, the system turns on/off immediately and the lamps last longer.

The operation in summary. The passive flexographic units are mechanical (not electronic) and with clichés, they print in “line” or “full bottom” continuously (not in register) . Using drive rings, the groups acquire motion directly from the support on which they are then printed, therefore not requiring the insertion of motors. The useful printing width changes according to the group and can be 50 mm/100 mm/200 mm/300 mm and 500 mm; the fixed print pitch is 500 mm.

As regards the ink supply and recirculation system, two solutions are proposed: by gravity (with inkwell equipped with a discharge tube to convey the ink towards the tank on the ground) and by monobloc (inkwell + tank + pneumatic pump). A new recirculation cover has also been created for water- or solvent-based printing, with a tank on the floor.

Facilitate cleaning and maintenance. To simplify maintenance and cleaning of the flexo unit, many components are easily removable: the closed chamber, the printing cylinder, the anilox, the inkwell and the tank. The flexo module is equipped with a fixing system on the customer’s structure, with “levelling foot” and retractable handle; furthermore, resting on rollers, unlocking it and moving it laterally becomes a very simple operation.

Versatility of uses. The passive flexographic printing systems are CE compliant and can be inserted into extrusion systems, material coupling machines, heat sealers, packaging machines (envelopes, napkins, sacks and bags and much more). There are also many types of materials on which they are able to print: from PVC to film and polyethylene, but also on compostable Mater-bi, fabric/non-woven, paper, cardboard and labels.

Features and advantages of the passive UV LED flexo printers proposed by De Rossi Vittoriano.

A summary.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance (UV LED ink does not dry like solvent and machine downtime can occur)
  • CE certified for protections
  • Economical, but with the possibility of further customization;
  • Very easy to use and install (also thanks to the UV LED system which controls 2 printers with a single panel)
  • Continuous line or solid background printing
  • System with pneumatic pump for ink/paint feeding and recirculation
  • High speed: tested up to 200 m/minute, but potentially usable for higher speeds
  • Print width: 50mm/100mm/200mm/300mm. (potentially up to 500 mm.)
  • Fixed print pitch: 500 mm