Cartoning Machine Manufacturers Looking for Outlets


As you walk through the supermarket, you might notice that cardboard boxes are the most conspicuous packaging on the shelves. Demand from these manufacturing companies to improve packaging automation for carton packaging to keep up with market demand. To meet this demand, automatic cartoning machine manufacturer around the world have had automatic cartoning machines at the top of their catalog for over years. and as a target market, the automation of carton packaging.

The problem is that as more and more players enter the market, the competition has become unprecedented, a factor that forces some manufacturers of automatic cartoning machines to look for new outlets to outperform their competitors.

A Shared Market Structure

A crack has been observed in the structure of the Automatic Cartoning Machines market where the players can be mainly classified into two groups: the market leading companies with advanced technologies and the SMEs which are striving to survive the fierce competition in the market. the cheap ones that only fulfill the automation of carton packing and the others with advanced features and sky-high prices. Products at the different levels have their own market positioning and target market, although problems can still arise that can lead to far-reaching side effects and market impact.

Small and medium-sized packaging machine manufacturers make up the largest part of the entire supplier structure, but have a relatively small market share in terms of sales volume compared to the market leaders. The result is an inevitable price war, while their income has long been below average and even meager.

More and more smaller manufacturers are going beyond their previous base and touting new ones for which they have no choice but to supply inferior machines  now that it’s impossible to raise the price while all  competitors are doing it.

Find a Point of Sale and Compete

Obviously, holding back costs in order to keep plunging towards lower prices and offering inferior quality machines is not a sustainable solution. Technologies have evolved and there is no reason for companies to be left without an offer. obsolete products. In the past, automatic cartoning machines, although designed to automate case packing, still required some manual labor. different size and type of carton and you have to test the machine again for a perfect fit.

A modern solution is that via a human-machine interaction panel, the operator just has to click on it and the machine automatically adjusts to the previously saved recipe where the data was saved, allowing the PLC to do the format change. Manufacturers need to focus on the value of their machines. They can improve and thus add technological value instead of starting an endless price war that will constantly push them to the brink of survival or end the game. Packaging automation, still require some manual work.For example, the operator must play with numerous bearings, screws, and tools when attempting to set up the machine for a different height and style, and re-test the machine to fit it perfectly. A modern solution is that the operator only has to click on it via a man-machine interaction panel and the machine automatically adjusts to the previously saved recipe in which the data was saved, allowing the PLC to perform the format change.