Latest Advancements and Emerging Trends in Cartoning Machines: ELITER’s Innovative “Gran Sonata” Making its Debut at SWOP 2023


The packaging industry, being a crucial element in product distribution and consequent market success, has been subject to recent advances in automation technology. Focusing on this aspect, automated cartoning machines are at the forefront of innovation, meeting the intricate requirements of high-quality food market trends and addressing vital food safety concerns.

One such exploration of modernisation can be seen in ELITER Packaging Machinery‘s latest contribution – “Gran Sonata.” This machine will make its debut at one of the most dynamic platforms – SWOP 2023. Held in China, SWOP, or Shanghai World of Packaging, is an international trade fair that brings together the industry’s latest technological advancements.

Developed with an engineer’s precision and foresight from a mechanical standpoint, “Gran Sonata” blends exemplary engineering skills, superior design aesthetic, and advanced technology to meet the food industry’s specific demands.

Automatic Cartoning Machine of ELITER Packaging Machinery

SWOP 2023 – An Interpack Alliance in China

SWOP, or Shanghai World of Packaging, is an international trade fair and platform for the packaging sector. Since 2015, this event has served as a consolidated marketplace catering to all segments of the packaging industry – from food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to industrial goods and consumer products. Participants from around the world have been showcasing their innovations, leading trends, and technological advancements. The upcoming SWOP 2023 is expected to, yet again, be a hub of groundbreaking innovations.

Within the aforementioned context, the “Gran Sonata” cartoner will be introduced to the world. This next-generation machine integrates cutting-edge technology to meet the specific demands of the food-serving sector. Optimized for hygiene and ease of maintenance, it boasts an unprecedented open design and multi-axis servo system.

Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry with Automatic Cartoning Machines

The Gran Sonata’s robust construction of stainless steel ensures durability and longevity. Its ground-breaking balcony-style design not only adds to the ease of access for its operators but also facilitates the cleaning and maintenance process. The open walk-in balcony design allows easy access to the machine’s internal components giving it superior serviceability. Additionally, it accommodates a full range of carton sizes flexibly, demonstrating its adaptability – a key advantage in automated packaging systems.

Powered by Siemens SINACMICS multi-axis servos, the “Gran Sonata” represents the cutting edge in automation technology. The multi-axis servo synchronization module aids in precision and control, reducing the demand for manual adjustments, and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, it integrates a Focke Meler B4 glue melting system displaying through its proficiency the integration of multiple technologies into a single system for better performance and increased speed.

The machine also comes equipped with an optional feature of remote access support, enabling ELITER to monitor machine operations continually. This real-time observation allows ELITER to identify and address potential problems or faults promptly – a distinct advantage that resonates with key Industry 4.0 features. The blend of advanced technology and high-speed packaging operations highlights the mechanical engineering expertise that went into its design and fabrication.

“Gran Sonata” – Setting the Stage for Future Innovations

The “Gran Sonata” is indicative of the rapid progression that automated cartoning machines are making in the packaging industry. Unveiling at SWOP 2023, the machine embodies the capacity of engineering technology to revolutionize industries and sets a benchmark for quality, efficiency and innovation in packaging automation. ELITER’s efforts in blending mechanical ingenuity, robust construction, and advanced automation have set the stage for what future innovations in automated cartoning machines might look like.

Key Features and Advantages of Gran Sonata Balcony Cartoner

The “Gran Sonata” Cartoner is the embodiment of next-generation food industry machinery. It is designed with a hygiene-focused infrastructure, a visible profile, a multi-axis servo system, and a robust stainless-steel construction. The characteristics comprise:

  • A robust stainless-steel body and framework
  • Walk-in balcony and drop-through design for convenient maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable carton magazine with a full range of sizes, accommodated by three magazines
  • Siemens SINACMIS multi-axis servos with corresponding programmable logic controller, human-machine interface, multi-axis servo synchronization module
  • Focke Meler B4 glue melting system
  • Optional washdown to IP65