Dalmec industrial manipulators


Last May, Dalmec participated in Hispack 2024 (Barcelona) where they presented their Dalmec industrial manipulators. The manipulator that aroused the most interest was the drum handler. This equipment, with its picking implement, manipulates and turns 250 kg drums or barrels 180º without any effort, using only compressed air as a power source.

The load is grabbed with clamps from the side and using a pneumatic rotation system, the drum can be emptied. The same picking tool is prepared for handling drums or barrels of different formats. This is a perfect solution for all companies that want to improve the conditions of their workers, solving the problem of manipulation and occupational risks.

“To design and develop the equipment that best adapts to production needs, the first step is to send our technicians to evaluate the work area, take measurements of the products to be handled and evaluate the range of manual movements required,” they indicate from Dalmec. The solution that is designed and developed is an industrial manipulator completely powered by compressed air that allows loads to be manipulated in a state of weightlessness so that the operator feels a weight of 1-2kg, but in reality he is moving a piece of equipment weighing 500-800kg. .

“After several installations and a journey of several years with our clients in Spain and Portugal, the comment we receive most often is that it is ‘the best solution available on the market’,” they point out.

For the company, its clients appreciate that Dalmec industrial manipulators require little maintenance and that spare parts are easy to obtain since they have a warehouse in the Barcelona office that allows them to intervene quickly. Also, new employees learn very quickly to use the machines, without having to waste many hours in training.

“With confidence, we can say that we are an excellent solution for productive companies when there are ergonomic and productive efficiency problems,” they indicate.

Resources for operators who have to carry out repeated activities involving the movement of heavy, bulky or difficult-to-handle loads that affect the spine and lumbar are necessary and required by Occupational Risk Prevention as indicated in Royal Decree 487/1997. The risk for the worker is greatly increased when manipulation, for example, can only be carried out by a twisting or flexion movement of the trunk or involves a sudden movement of the load, or is carried out in an unstable position.