Digital transformation in tube manufacturing: PackSys Global’s commitment to SIKO


PackSys Global redefines tube manufacturing by integrating advanced technology from SIKO, significantly improving efficiency and safety in its processes.

PackSys Global, a leader in the manufacturing of tube machinery, announced a collaboration with SIKO GmbH adopting advanced technology to improve the safety and efficiency of its production processes. This collaboration marks a milestone in the automation of the packaging sector for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and oral hygiene products.

Digital transformation in tub

The adoption of SIKO’s AP05 digital position indicator, with IO-Link interface, is a key example of this transformation. Compact and versatile, the device has been integrated into various PackSys machines, ensuring precise adjustments and significantly reducing the potential for error in the configuration of pipe welding machines.

Up to 250 tubes per minute are processed on the new tube welding machine, the FlexSeamer. This machine stands out not only for its high speed, but also for its ability to handle modern plastic sheets efficiently, thanks to expanded heating and cooling zones.

Another innovation in the FlexSeamer is the intuitive handling of settings through digital technology, which allows operators to make quick and safe changes . Digital indicators display both the actual value and the desired value of a setting, facilitating precision and exact replication of production parameters.

Aitor Henao, Head of Marketing and Communications at PackSys Global, highlights the advantages of this technology : “Format changes are carried out quickly and visually, guaranteeing constant high quality and stable processes.”

The implementation of digital position indicators has also made it possible to eliminate subsequent quality controls, which previously required costly destructive testing, according to Emanuel Heusser, director of the company’s Automation Engineering R&D group.

This technology not only optimizes manufacturing but also responds to challenges of skilled labor shortages . Digital systems compensate for the lack of experience, allowing precise adjustments without in-depth knowledge of the machine.

PackSys Global machines continue to use mechanical position indicators for configurations that are less frequent or where errors are easily detectable. However, for more complex and frequent setups, digital monitoring has proven to be a valuable investment.

The fit of the print mark sensor on the FlexSeamer highlights another benefit of this technology. The sensor, crucial for aligning tube cuts with printed marks, automatically adjusts based on saved values, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Looking to the future, Henao underlines the importance of continuing to advance digitalization and automation, not only to improve quality and efficiency but also to allow customers to focus on their core business, maximizing their productivity and profitability.