Drives for automatic machines that look to the future


Modern packaging lines must meet increasingly stringent requirements in terms of flexibility, speed and connectivity; if we are talking about uses in the food industry, the system as a whole and the components must also satisfy stringent hygiene requirements.

Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, presents the portfolio of brushless DC motors and linear motors for advanced applications in the packaging sector.


Hygienic design for F&B

Dunkermotoren’s smart brushless DC motors and high-precision linear motors are equipped with special stainless steel housings that are resistant to splashes of water and detergents. These are devices that allow cleaning and hygiene of bottling, weighing, labeling or packaging lines and are suitable for all sectors of primary, secondary and transport packaging. Thanks to the complete integration of the electronics in the motor housing, the drive can be fully integrated into the system and sensitive components can be further protected. Bus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces enable communication with the higher-level control system.

Digitalization for a holistic approach

Thanks to the nexofox smart services offered by Dunkermotoren it is also possible to create complete projects ranging from systems connected to the cloud to integration into existing ecosystems. As a full-service provider, the company works with its customers to develop cutting-edge packaging solutions and meet the needs of the most diverse markets.