DS Smith, redefining packaging for a changing world


DS Smith combines the expertise of its three divisions: packaging, recycling and paper, offering innovative and sustainable packaging based on paper fiber worldwide. Reinforcing their commitment to the leadership of the circular economy, in 2019 they partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. A year later, they announce their Circular Design Principles – developed in collaboration with this Foundation – with the aim of helping companies to promote reuse and recyclability in their packaging.

Recently, they have launched their sustainability strategy ‘Now & Next’, focused on the sustainability challenges they are currently facing, as well as those that will impact future generations. In addition, they have launched their Circular Design Metrics, a tool to measure the circularity of packaging that offers a unique insight into how companies’ packaging choices can help reduce their impact on the environment.

They are very focused on finding new innovative and sustainable solutions, aimed at reducing the use of problematic plastics in packaging. In this regard, it aims to eliminate one billion problematic plastic parts from supermarket shelves by 2025. In the last year and a half, they have eliminated 170 million.

At Hispack 2022, they present some of their sustainable packaging solutions, both for the e-Commerce and Mass Consumption sectors, as well as for industrial sectors. Among them are:

Displays – Exhibitors for the point of sale
They are available in any shape and size, from counter displays to larger displays. Likewise, they can be supplied with unusual shapes such as boats, sun loungers or tents, among others. In addition to being supplied to measure, we have standardized solutions such as:

Sales Box: Salesbox is a shelf-ready packaging (SRP). It reconciles the transport and the exhibition of products through a single system, called the sales unit. It is a display model that is easy to implement on the linear and has a two-level palletizing. It is very resistant, 100% recyclable and, due to the possibility of printing on all its faces, it is a tool to increase visibility at the point of sale and boost sales.
Easy Display: Easydisplay is based on a structure that is supplied folded and is easy and fast, both to assemble and to replace. It is a very resistant design, 100% recyclable and optimized for transport.
This display facilitates the placement and visibility of the products at the point of sale and can be printed on all sides.



It is a sustainable and differential solution for the fruit and vegetable sector made of corrugated cardboard.

It has a structure that favors the protection of the product, it is easy to open, offers multiple possibilities of closing and sealing and can be associated with a mechanized assembly or be formed manually. In addition, it helps to an effective communication of the brands, since it can be printed on all their faces.

With the focus on the customer and responding to the global need to replace plastic, this line of packaging is available in different sizes and formats ranging from 250 g to 1 kg, in three different ranges: Premium, Retail and Bio.



It is a versatile packaging solution that combines the features of a box and an envelope, especially suitable for e-commerce of fashion items, accessories and jewelry.

When it comes to online sales, packaging will be the first physical contact between your company and your customers. Therefore, it is very important that you choose an option that is not only safe, but also offers a unique unboxing experience. In this sense, Oyster offers an attractive, practical, iconic and elegant design with which to surprise the recipient. It has a practical adhesive tape and presents an easy opening system for an excellent unboxing experience by the consumer. In addition, its secure closure design prevents unauthorized opening, tampering or theft.

It is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, as it is composed of recycled materials to ensure sustainable consumption.


These are large returnable and foldable containers with internal conditioning tailored to the needs of each product (cushioning foams, flexible cellilleros, plastic positioners…).

Its range of returnable containers are available from standard transport measures (European and American pallet), to fully customized plastic containers. The body is fully customizable in terms of height, loading window, sealed edges, etc.

Its design is robust, lightweight, reusable and fully customizable, being able to be made to measure. It reduces its folding volume by 80%, thus optimizing space and saving transport, storage and process costs. In addition, it allows the maximum number of pieces to be transported per packaging and is 100% recyclable.