Easy ways to create and print messages with the new UBS DESIGNER software


United Barcode Systems (UBS) launches a new message design software for the APLINK Series range of high-resolution inkjet printers. This is the UBS DESIGNER, a renewed, current, intuitive and user-friendly system for creating, editing and printing messages that allows the design, customization and adaptation process to be easier and more convenient than ever.

Is it possible to create and print messages in just 4 clicks? Yes, United Barcode Systems has been working for years to make the coding industry simpler and more efficient. To do this, it has different equipment and systems that make the printing process a comfortable task, and its latest novelty is the renewal of the UBS DESIGNER software.

UBS DESIGNER is the graphic software for creating and editing multilingual messages and with WYSIWYG interface for the APLINK Series range of high-resolution inkjet printers. In this renewed version, UBS has designed a much fresher interface that allows working with a more current technology, much more intuitive and designed by and for the user. Thus, text editing is now more versatile and simple and the import of images and resizing is higher.

uscode 2

Through UBS DESIGNER it is possible to configure the CPE (Contrast Per Element) and regulate the contrast applied to each element of the print, making it possible to highlight some areas of the message more than others. This allows, for example, to provide greater contrast to essential objects – such as the barcode – and save ink on others that may be less important – such as images, logos or texts. This novelty is a revolutionary technology of the UBS APLINK HRX printers that allows to save costs by optimizing the prints.

Constant monitoring of the labeling line with the LABMAN software

For total control of the printing process, UBS has the LABMAN software. The designs of the formats created from the UBS DESIGNER editing software are managed and sent by UBS LABMAN to the different labeling, coding and marking equipment installed on the different production lines. In turn, UBS LABMAN communicates with the customer or ERP data source, obtains this data and retrieves those it needs and generates an output label that it sends in real time.


With this software you can identify the products of different lines, manage print queues and integrate and centralize these data with the ERP/MES to form and generate the labels of each logistics unit, with all the information that must be carried for its correct storage, transport and traceability.

With the combination of both softwares, UBS reduces the number of interventions and human error to 100%, boosting the efficiency of the labeling process and increasing the accuracy in coding.

If you need to purchase printing, coding or marking systems, UBS offers its free consulting service to find the right printing option. Do not hesitate to contact the company through its website (www.ubscode.es ) or by e-mail: info@ubscode.com