ÉLITER Packaging Machinery to Debut their Upgraded Cartoner


While an intermittent cartoning machine is not capable of reaching a speed beyond 150 cartons per minute and a continuous motion cartoner is able to deliver that performance, however, the budget rockets. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGH THAT WHETHER THERE IS SUCH A KIND OF CARTONING MACHINE THAT FILLS THE GAP?

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is to reveal a new model of continuous cartoner to STRIKE A BALANCE between intermittent and continuous motion cartoning machines.

Crescendo Cartoner duet 200 system continuous motion

The Crescendo Cartoner presented by ELITER Packaging Machinery is installed with a patented smart system of servo-driven synchronous tracking loaders. This is an insertion system with cutting-edge technology that outstrips all the cartoning machines offered on the market in China.

The system replaces the complex barrel cam loaders on a traditional continuous cartoning machine to keep the budget affordable while delivering the same level of performance in terms of cartoning automation.

Advantages and Features:

  • Compact and smart servo-driven synchronous tracking loader system
  • Maximum Speed of 200 cartons per minute (200 CPM)
  • An unprecedented CRACK between intermittent and continuous cartoning machines
  • Ergonomic structure with safety design in compliance with EC standards.
  • Balcony design for easy accessibility and maintenance
  • Designed for the application at the food processing facility


New Approach to Cartoning Packaging Defined

The barrel cam loaders are built on a complex structure and drive the cost of a continuous cartoning machine to an EXTRAVAGANT level.

With CRESCENDO Cartoner, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery defines a new approach to high-speed cartoning packaging automation.

The company has incorporated within the Crescendo Cartoner a smart loader system with advanced servo technology, which enables the precise operation of tracking and synchronization with the cartoner´s bucket conveyor, named by the company the DUET 200 loading system.

¨ We will debut the new model of cartoning machine in June 2023 at China Food Packaging and Processing Exhibition in Qingdao, China.¨, mentioned Zhiwei Bao, the company owner.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, overwrapping machine, and wrap-around sleever. To find out more information: www.eliter-packaging.com