Secondary packaging machinery manufacturer ELITER Packaging Machinery rolls out a video of their recently launched food packaging machine – ESTRENA WRAP-AROUND SLEEVER, or WRAP-AROUND CARTONER. In the video, the machine runs plastic trays for ready-to-eat and prepared meals with cardboard sleeve at a speed of around 90 and 100 PPM. The company says that this is just the first step of their “Next-Generation” Plan, which stands for the transformation and reincarnation of a small family business dedicating to packaging machines throughout three generations.

“ESTRENA is the first model of our ‘Next-Generation’ Plan, with which we will be rolling out advanced models of cartoning machines, sleeving machines and more during the coming term and outdating those old models of last-generation.”, address Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery. The loaded test was done by packing trays with a size of 215*145*65 mm, a relatively large tray for ready meals we usually see in the supermarket, thus is to see how fast the machine can reach. The trays were manually loaded with a speed of 90 PPM, at which people at the company were struggling to catch. “We expect a maximum speed of around 120 PPM of this size when working ONLINE, while for lower trays, 150 PPM.”, added Bao.

ESTRENA  is a wrap-around cartoning machine (more frequently referred to as the Wrap-Around Sleever) that applies packaging sleeves on a variety of containers: trays, tubs, pots, cups, cans… Packaging sleeve is now on an upsurge around the world due to the environmental concern. The sleeve reduces printing and paper materials used on secondary packaging without defecting the display effect of shelves.

“Apart from the ready meals, we seek to give the market of self-heating meals a shot with this advanced machine. Packaging machinery manufacturers in China have been trying to cover these products with their old-fashioned cartoning machines, which are not in compliance with the food safe serving standards. Here is the niche for us”, commented Bao. Apart from the ready meals, ESTNREA will be capable of running multipacks including yoghurt cups, canned tunas, fruit cans, salmon cans, dessert cups, as well as frozen meals.

ELITER reveals some primary information on their next announcement of new models, which will be a cartoning machine. “The next step of our ‘Next-Generation’ Plan is the Crescendo Cartoner we are going to launch around the beginning of 2023.”, added Bao.

About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery – a HUANENG Company, is a family-owned business through three generations dedicated to packaging machines and packaging automation. The company is currently manufacturer and global supplier of cartoning machine, overwrapping machine and wrap-aound sleever.