Following its in depth product review announced at the end of last year, food packaging specialist Nicholl Food Packaging has embarked on a major diversification programme with the launch of a number of new lines to complement the company’s existing market leading range of over 800 aluminium foil trays.


The new products which will be introduced over the coming weeks include innovative Dual Ovenable Board and Pulp Fibre trays, a unique extended shelf life foil tray and a choice of accompanying high quality lidding films. These latest initiatives underline Nicholl’s commitment to provide a complete packaging solution for customers in a wide variety of sectors such as fresh and frozen products, ready meals and convenience foods.


Dual Ovenable Board trays

The latest launch is a new range of Dual Ovenable Board trays, which offer a number of consumer convenience features. The robust tray design incorporates a polyester film lining which, when combined with a suitable film lid, provides a totally leak proof pack suitable for a variety of chilled and frozen applications including recipes with sauces and gravies. The strength and durability of the trays maintain product integrity and quality throughout the distribution process.


In both microwave and conventional cooking conditions, the trays remain rigid throughout, keeping the contents intact and allowing safe handling for the end user. Equally important, the trays are cool to the touch when taken out of the microwave or oven.


The trays are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit a wide choice of applications. Printing is available to further enhance on shelf appeal and brand individuality. All designs feature a wide rim to enable easy peel opening.


The paper board outer layer is manufactured from renewable sources, which is biodegradable or can be recycled up to seven times. The trays can withstand heat up to 220ºC or freezing temperatures to -40ºC.


“The new Dual Ovenable Board trays combine aesthetic appeal with a number of practical and convenience features that make them ideal for the food retail sector,” comments Nicholl Food Group’s Chief Executive John Griffiths.






The latest launch from Nicholl Food Packaging is a new range of Dual Ovenable Board trays, which offer a number of consumer convenience features.



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