Epson Europe, the first technology company certified for aligning its CSR with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Epson Europe is the first company in its sector to obtain an international certification for aligning its CSR Management System with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework – validated by the world’s leading certifying organization, Bureau Veritas. This certification recognizes that the company has aligned its business to support a wide number of SDGs – responding, with real purpose, to the call of the United Nations to mitigate some of the main problems facing the planet by 2030.

This announcement underlines Epson Europe’s commitment to a fair, responsible and more sustainable way of operating. With an agreement signed in 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the result of the collaboration of more than 190 countries and 1500 companies – to identify and address opportunities and challenges at a global level. The main goals set with the SDGs cover the improvement of health and education, the reduction of inequalities, the promotion of economic growth and the mitigation of climate change in 17 well-defined areas.

Companies for a better world

Companies were highlighted as a key pillar for the achievement of the 17 SDGs, with the then Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, ensuring“ “Companies are a key collaborator (…) and we call on companies everywhere to curb their impact, set ambitious goals for themselves and transparently communicate their results””

Yoshiro Nagafusa, President of Epson Europe B.V., comments: “Epson has responded to the UN’s call to create better companies – by developing our efficient, compact and precise technologies to create a more prosperous and harmonious world. We work with Bureau Veritas to align our short, medium and long-term goals with the realization of that vision. The UN SDGs are now a compass to help Epson Europe navigate towards a more just, responsible and sustainable future.”

Demanding global standards

Epson Europe has worked together with Bureau Veritas on a certification process to align with the UN SDGs. As a leader in certification and external audit services, Bureau Veritas analyzes governments, companies and other organizations based on demanding global standards. In this way, Bureau Veritas has overseen Epson’s efforts to ensure rigorous systems and processes that carefully and comprehensively evaluate the company’s actions in relation to the UN SDGs.

Pedro González, technical Director of Certification of Bureau Veritas, comments: “Epson Europe is aware that the commitment to the United Nations SDGs is too important to leave it to chance and, therefore, understands the need to integrate it into the very basis of its business strategies. We have analyzed and audited its activity according to a strict standard and Epson has adopted the necessary changes to be the first technology company to obtain an international certification for aligning its CSR Management System with the Sustainable Development Goals. This applies to all operations related to Sales, Marketing, Distribution and After-Sales of Epson products and services. Epson’s work here is testament to our shared commitment

Transparency, accountability and action

Obtaining the Bureau Veritas certification implies the adoption of new systems and processes by Epson. This includes the creation of a new alignment policy with the SDGs that brings together the business practices and the individual actions of the people who work at Epson to:

  • Work on constant improvement for better performance in sustainability
  • Controlling risks linked to sustainability
  • Demonstrate these commitments and actions to external stakeholders, to motivate them to acquire a greater commitment to the principles of the United Nations SDGs.

This policy is linked to the United Nations SDG Management System (SMS), a major governance framework that ensures its adoption by companies globally. The SMS:

  • Aligns purpose, mission and strategic direction
  • Highlights the company’s global objectives
  • Provides a direction to set local objectives and actions

It documents the constant efforts to achieve the requirements of the CSR Management System and its alignment with the United Nations SDG standard.
Epson Europe is committed to Bureau Veritas to continue with this certification, with regular audits taking place every year.

Henning Ohlsson, Head of Sustainability at Epson Europe, says“ “Certification to the UN SDGs takes us to new levels of transparency and accountability. It helps us to better understand what our impact is in relation to defined markers such as education, economic growth, decent work, responsible production and consumption and the fight against climate change. We are also aware that Epson Europe does not exist in a vacuum, it is not an isolated entity – and we hope that our work here will act as a signal for other companies in the sector to join this way of working and together we will move towards a fairer, more responsible and sustainable world.”

Bertrand Martin, executive chairman of Bureau Veritas Spain and Portugal, points out: “The role of companies in achieving sustainable development is fundamental. As an independent third party, we help integrate it into your strategy and verify its compliance. Epson Europe is an example of this behavior and commitment that society demands.”