Fairy presents a cardboard refill that reduces plastic by 85%


The home care brand, Fairy, has presented a new cardboard refill for Fairy Maxi Power that brings comfort in the kitchen and helps reduce the carbon footprint of plastic at home when washing dishes. According to the company, this release helps to reduce 85% less plastic by reusing the bottle of Fairy Maxi Power. In fact, each cardboard refill (950 ml) allows to refill more than 2X** the bottle of Maxi Power.


91% of consumers attach importance to living an environmentally friendly life, according to a study carried out by Fairy in Spain last year.
Saving energy, water and opting for better options for the environment are in the Top 3 of the reasons why to lead a more sustainable behavior. Thus, 40% of respondents consider that they are environmentally friendly products when they decide to buy a dishwashing detergent.

Erika Gamero, Director of Fairy, said“ “We are delighted that Fairy continues to introduce practical solutions that help all families to enjoy life more and, at the same time, reduce the consumption of plastic at home when washing dishes. The new cardboard packaging is the brand’s latest innovation to bring the convenience of refills to Spain.”

On the other hand, the Fairy refill includes the latest Maxi Power formula that provides “incredible cleansing results, rubbing up to four times less difficult grease even in cold water”.