Ferrarelle Società Benefit relies on Sidel aseptic technology for its new range of teas and functional waters


Ferrarelle Società Benefi t has installed Sidel ‘s first aseptic line at the Boario plant (Italy), in order to produce its range of Vitasnella ‘Le Linfe’ functional teas and waters products. With natural ingredients and a mix of flavors, the products have been designed with the well-being of consumers in mind and promoting a completely healthy lifestyle.

Ferrarelle Società Benefit, one of the largest mineral water manufacturers in Italy, known for producing natural sparkling water with exceptional properties, bottles the mineral waters ‘Boario’, ‘Vitasnella’ and ‘Fonte Essenziale’ at its plant in Boario. Near the picturesque Lake Iseo, the plant extracts water from the mountains surrounding the factory. This strategic location allows Boario to produce exceptional bottled mineral water with beneficial health properties.

Ferrarelle Società Benefit chose Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis technology to produce its new range of functional teas and waters. Sidel helped the company install its aseptic technology to ensure a high-end flavor experience, product integrity and longer shelf life, using its Predis dry preform decontamination solution – a safe, hygienic and cost-effective to package a variety of sensitive beverages.With the installation of Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis to produce the Vitasnella ‘Le Linfe’ range of products, the Boario line is capable of working with two different sizes, 0.5 liters and 1.25 liters, and reaches a speed of 18,000 bottles per hour. This system guarantees total sterility of production, beverage integrity and food safety with simple operations.

“The ‘Le Linfe’ ranges of teas and functional waters are extremely important to us, so we wanted to avoid any possible risks. That’s why we decided to turn to Sidel, given their extensive knowledge in aseptic technology,” says Nicola Tignonsini, director of Operations in Ferrarelle. “Since our only line produces sensitive beverages, it was vital that we had an aseptic system that could guarantee maximum product integrity and safety,” says Marcelo Astrini, Boario plant director. “We trusted Sidel to install our first company aseptic line due to their extensive knowledge of absolute food safety.”

Achieve product safety with Sidel aseptic solution

Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis offers simple and safe dry preform decontamination, as well as the lowest total cost of ownership and an optimized ecological footprint. No water is used in this process and the use of chemicals is drastically reduced, responding to the most demanding sustainability standards required, while maintaining high performance, offering excellent ease of operation and ensuring extremely high production. flexible.

Delivering ideal food safety and prod  uct quality, the Aseptic Combi Predi has already been installed in more than 200 solutions worldwide and has made Sidel a global leader in aseptic production.