Food safety guaranteed with Metal Detectors


Learn about metal detectors, X-ray inspectors and weight control solutions that allow you to reduce waste, increase yield, as well as improve profitability and ensure food hygiene.


Food producers are constantly striving to improve food safety and eliminate the risk of foreign bodies. That’s why ThermoFisher Scientific developed the NextGuard ™ X-ray inspection equipment.

The NextGuard equipment easily finds foreign and solid objects, even through metallized film packaging or aluminum foil wrapping, a quality that metal detectors do not have.

The NextGuard uses multiple vision algorithms to detect anomalies in products based on density, edges and shape. You can also check the product quality with an optional custom vision software.

Unlike other X-ray systems, NextGuard projects with a wide beam of light from the bottom up without blind spots and passing all the material through the inspection tunnel.

  • NextGuard ™ X-Ray Detection Systems
  • NextGuard features many design benefits that eliminate common barriers to transition from metal detection to X-ray detection, including:
  • Detection of a wide range of contaminants, including non-metallic objects
  • Improved detection of wet products that are traditionally difficult for metal detectors
  • High sensitivity due to the quality of the X-ray image and the sophistication of the detection algorithms
  • Reduced training due to its ease of use
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • The system is fairly priced and has proven to be reliable
  • It has help text in several languages

And it really saves time

  • – Adjust the detection during production without the need to stop production
  • – Allows to find the root cause of pollution quickly and easily
  • – Optional rejectors separate contaminated products from other quality errors
  • – Features online remote support to minimize downtime
  • – It has quick access to all the statistics of the machine, including the results of periodic audits
  • – Saves rejected product images for up to 90 days
  • – Easily export data to USB memory files

NextGuard is being used by companies all over the world, in a wide variety
of applications. This is because it detects more contaminating objects, is easy to use and has a great profitability.

ThermoFisher Scientific is a company specializing in equipment for food safety and guaranteed food supply quality. It offers a wide range of solutions from the hand of its experts through knowledge and innovative products that will help you in the delivery of safe and high quality food products.

Get to know your metal detectors, X-ray inspectors and weight control solutions to help reduce waste, increase yield, as well as improve profitability and ensure food hygiene.