Frame Design Aids Hygiene on Food Industry Flow-wrapper


PFM Packaging Machinery has introduced a new ultra-hygienic flow-wrapper for the food industry, using an innovative machine build system that allows much easier and more effective cleaning than traditional designs.

In place of the usual welded frame that supports principal machine components, the new IPS (independent perimeter support) approach from PFM employs a tubular stainless steel frame that not only provides support, but acts also as a conduit for electrical and electronic cables.

In this way, the electrical cabinet is kept completely separate from the rest of the machine, potential dirt traps are virtually eliminated and steam cleaning is secure. An automatic feed belt washing system is optionally available for connection to a centralised CIP supply.

Based on a cantilever design that allows most packaging and product debris to fall through, the Sirio is driven by three independent servo motors. Bag length, print registration and sealing jaw position are programmable and adjust automatically for different products. Speed is up to 160 a minute.

“The design of the Sirio provides an intrinsically more hygienic machine, but with the advantage of full enclosure for much of the electronic and electrical system,” points out PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton. “Cleaning is therefore easier and more secure.”