Hellmann’s tests a label to reduce refrigerator temperature and food waste


Hellmann’s is testing a special edition of a smart jar designed by illustrator Ellen Porteus that will tell you when your fridge is at the right temperature. With temperature sensitive ink, does the design change when the fridge is at less than 5? to reveal a hidden layer.

Some foods can last up to 3 more days in a refrigerator at less than 5? (versus 7?), including milk, one of the most wasted foods in the refrigerator. 3.1 million glasses of milk are thrown down the sink every day.

The innovative smart jar works as a refrigerator temperature controller with a special ink that is activated and becomes fully visible when the refrigerator is below 5℃. Test prototypes with an exclusively designed label by illustrator Ellen Porteus have been sent to Hellmann’s fans, anti-food waste activists and influencers across the country to raise awareness about food waste during the Week of Action against Food Waste.

Hellmann’s ‘partner’, the climate action NGO WRAP, also has an online tool that explains how to adjust the correct temperature of any brand of refrigerator to help reduce cases of food waste.

Smart Jar is the latest Hellmann’s initiative launched during the Week of Action against Food Waste, together with WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste citizen campaign, whose slogan is ‘Win, don’t throw away’ during the week of action.

Hellmann’s aspires to become a force for positive behavior change that contributes to enjoying food more and inspires people to be more resourceful with the food they have on hand and waste less. The Hellmann’s Fridge Night app, launched last year, helps Brits make their food and money more productive through a 4-week programme of weekly challenges and flexible recipes.