How to make your packaging company more competitive


It is difficult to stand out in a constantly growing market. Companies dedicated to packaging are becoming more numerous and more competitive, therefore, there must be differentiating elements that make us stand out from the rest, whether in quality control, management and profitability.

We tell you the 7 essential points to make your packaging company more competitive.

How to make your packaging company more competitive

How to better manage your packaging company

Technological innovation: Betting on technology will make you stand out in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

This innovative system, which we have called ‘ modular packaging 4.0’, will allow you to have a multipurpose packaging line and adapt to any type of format using multiple product dosing systems with a minimum investment in machinery and space requirement

Automation: Automating production processes is the future of the industry and one of the most effective ways to make your company more competitive .

The automation of your packaging will help you reduce personnel costs and have better control of your packaging system, thus you will achieve non-stop production, obtaining higher quality in a shorter production time, which improves inventory mobility and profitability . of the machines.

Good maintenance service: Hire an efficient maintenance service to save you the time you lose during downtime due to unexpected failures or planning mismatches.

Good maintenance will improve your production and the safety of your employees, in addition to extending the life of your machinery and guaranteeing proper operation .

We recommend that the maintenance service not only be the one that comes in a moment of trouble, but also the one that accompanies you throughout the entire production process, correcting the state of the machines and their correct operation.

Technical service: In addition to a good maintenance service, which prevents failures, it is important to have an adequate technical service, which is professional and gives us answers and solutions in a short space of time. Loss of time in production is always loss of money.

 Production control: Controlling the operation of the packaging machinery is important to be able to solve any problems that may arise and to know at all times if your packaging is being competent. Mp Systems has developed Remote Control 4.0. software that allows you to control production in real time from anywhere using a tablet, PC or smartphone; allows you to obtain data, reports and graphs of the entire production.

Updated machines: For a packaging company to be competitive in the current market, it needs its machinery to not be obsolete; Old machinery loses efficiency, is slower and does not offer the packaging qualities of new systems. However, sometimes this machinery can be modernized without having to change it for a new one; which can save the company many expenses.

Quality control: It is indisputable that for a packaging company to be competent, it must offer good quality in its results. The quality control of packaging must be exhaustive , especially when it comes to chemical or food packaging.

It is very important that your machinery is clean and free of impurities that could contaminate and harm the quality of the product when packaging it. For this reason, we must constantly review the entire packaging process, observing that it complies with all rules and regulations and checking that everything works correctly, from the dosage amount to the labeling.