How to save costs in your packaging company


One of the main objectives of every company is efficiency and profitability, in order to be more competitive, something that is not always easy to achieve.

Sometimes, companies opt to save costs on the most important items at the expense of the quality of their packaging , which can cause, in addition to a bad image of the company, the opposite effect to that intended; That is, the famous phrase would apply: “cheap is expensive.”

Committing to correct, resistant, durable packaging and an efficient packaging line will save you costs in the long term and show a professional image of your business. But there are always tricks you can do to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the packaging.

Why you should not reduce the quality of packaging

  • Poor quality in your packaging can cause unexpected breakage , either during the packaging process, or in the hands of the customer. This would mean buying a new stock of packaging again and having to throw away the ones you had already purchased, in addition to the loss of the product inside and the bad image you convey to consumers.
  • Low-quality plastic containers usually have a faster degradation process and you can have problems if you have stock stored for a long time.
  • The packaging must fit the substance inside, especially when it comes to hazardous or chemical substances. Low-quality packaging can interact with the product and spoil its quality and even cause damage or loss to third parties. Do not skimp on expenses when investing in security as it could be very expensive.
  • Take into account the storage time and the way it is stored, since low-quality packaging can cause problems if you are going to have the product stored for a long time.

How to reduce costs on your packaging line

Even if you invest in quality packaging, that doesn’t mean you can’t save production costs. There are many ways to make your production cheaper with simple gestures that, especially in large productions, can cost a lot of money.

  • Buy large batches of packaging. The more quantity, the more discounts you will get, in addition to being able to extend your orders longer. If you do not need to constantly change formats, it is one of the ways in which you can save the most.
  • Choose quality packaging . As we have explained to you before, “cheap is expensive”, good packaging will save you problems, money and give a good image of your brand.
  • Do not change containers often. You don’t need to have a container for each product if it’s just a matter of design. If you want to save on costs, try to adapt your packaging as much as possible to all your products. By changing the label and size you will be able to save on the purchase and storage required for each different type of container.
  • Preventing is saving. Take into account the type of substances you are packaging, especially in the food, chemical, or hazardous substances sector. Adapt the type of container to your substance to avoid unnecessary dangers, and take into account the way of storage, since many substances should be placed separately. If you want to know more about the safety of packaging toxic substances, here is a post in which we give you more information.
  • The organization of products in the warehouse is essential when it comes to correctly preserving the packaging and its interior, but also the maintenance of storage, since you should have control over the temperature, or exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not accumulate a lot of stock so that the temperature of the warehouse does not rise and could be dangerous, and adapt the facilities by separating them by product families according to their interaction.

How to improve productivity in your packaging line

In addition to all the previous factors referring to packaging, there is a point in which it is essential to be effective without losing quality, it is the packaging machinery line .

The process of dosing, packaging, screwing, labeling must be effective for your company to be competitive. Many companies prefer to outsource their packaging thinking that this will increase productivity, but they forget that this is more expensive in the long run.

By controlling all the packaging processes ourselves, we will in turn control the quality of the product. This means a long-term investment that will be rewarded in a short time, as it helps the company optimize its resources .

Investment in packaging machinery is essential , and the great challenge is to increase its productivity through automation and agile machinery service. For this reason, at Mp Systems we have developed a customized packaging system for each business, which we have called Modular Packaging System 4.0 .

With this innovative system you can create your own automated packaging line , which adapts to any packaging process and type of production, connecting several machine modules in a single line.

In this way, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the process, you will be able to have total control in real time thanks to control software that we have developed.

With this modular packaging system you will save on operating costs in addition to making the most of your product, making your company much more competitive.