Innovations in packaging systems from iXAPACK Global


iXAPACK Global is a French company that designs and manufactures weighing, ultrasonic cutting, packaging and packaging equipment. Involved for many years in the development of machine parks for companies in the food industry in France and abroad, iXAPACK Global offers innovative systems in the field of packaging. Wrapping, cartoning, packing, palletizing… The company offers complete turnkey solutions to facilitate the work of production operators.


ITS Sleeve Wrap Around Machine

To apply a baling on a single product or on a batch of products (such as yogurts), iXAPACK Global offers a Top Load Cartoning Machine, an automated system from the unstacking of the cardboard sleeves, the taking and placement of the products and the gluing from the top of the cardboard before it leaves the machine. The machine can handle various product formats, thanks to a tool change on the tripod robot.



Top Load ITC Cartoner

The Top Load Cartoning Machine forms cardboard boxes from flat cartons, automatically feeds the products into the forming cases with the help of tripod robots and then seals them. With a capacity of up to 6 Deltas robots in its chassis, this equipment can handle high speeds (up to 70 cases per minute).

Top load cartoner ixapack

ICP Wrap Around CasePacking Machine

To ensure the packaging of multiple products, iXAPACK Global also offers a range of Case packers. Based on the same principle as the Top Load Cartoning Machine, its automated operation allows the formation of cases and boxes with the help of a multi-articulated robot, the filling of these boxes and their closure, by means of a Hot Melt gluing. To offer even more innovation, the equipment is available in a premium version, for fully automated and motorized format changes, while the other version is manual.

Cases or wrap boxes, with 4 glued corners, Display (SRP) … The iXAPACK Global Cartoner and Case Packer are designed to adapt to multi-format packaging, thus giving more flexibility to user companies.


IP Palletizer

To meet the requirements of palletizing, iXAPACK Global also designs palletizers for its customers. Palletizing of boxes by unit, by row or by layer, also in this case the automation of the process allows flexibility of use with changes that can be made directly through the touch HMI of the equipment.

The latest innovation of the company is a palletizer with a roller presser, which allows to collect the layers of boxes without having to go through the nesting phase. This solution allows to reduce the space of the line offering a more compact system (minimum dimensions of boxes allowed: 250 x 140 x 110 mm).