Installation of Industrial Kitchens in your Business


What are the advantages of industrial kitchens?

Where can industrial kitchens be installed?


Industrial kitchens are the specialty of Servinox, which has a professional solution with the quality standards required in the manufacturing process for food handling. It has infrastructure and trained staff to attend to projects of all kinds of businesses, large and small.

Being special and large kitchens, to carry out the preparation of food in large volume and with continuous, massive and intensive use, as in a hotel, restaurant or school canteen. Efficient grease extraction hoods are installed in these kitchens, the main function of which is to carry the smoke resulting from the kitchen to the outside.


The Main Advantages of Industrial Kitchens

  1. They comply with sanitary rules, so you will not have problems with sanitation and are essential in any business.
  2. They have a lifetime duration, due to the material from which they are made.
  3. They are easy to clean.
  4. They are facilities with the security measures required for their operation.
  5. They are special equipment for rough or intensive use.

To choose the best industrial kitchen or work on a custom-made project, at Servinox they look at the needs of each client, having a wide range of distribution and manufacturing products. You can search directly on the Servinox website for the products you are interested in or request a custom-made project by contacting the company. The projects department advises you with the distribution plans of the business idea and gives you tips on how to get the team up and running. They will meet your needs based on space, service and investment, with functionality, practicality and hygiene for everyday use in an efficient way.


Projects in which Servinox is a specialist

  • Bar
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital
  • Bakery
  • Dining rooms

Servinox provides the detailed architectural plans of the budgeted equipment, as well as the electricity, water, gas and drainage installations required for its operation, indicating heights, pipe diameters, gas supply, as well as voltages for its correct installation. Once the drawing has been analyzed and accepted by the client, the work begins.


Analysis consulting and design

Each project presents a different challenge that requires personalized and specialized attention. Analyzing your needs depending on space, service and investment, in turn we advise to arrive at a design that solves the problem.

The above is always taking into account a holistic approach that provides solutions that fully integrate the operation of your company.


Drawings and mechanical guides

We provide detailed architectural drawings of the proposed equipment, as well as drawings of the facilities (electricity, gas, water and drainage) that they require for their correct operation.

Indicating heights, pipe diameters, gas supply (as well as pressure), voltages, and necessary preparations for its installation.


Installation of the equipment

In an industrial kitchen, stainless steel furniture is installed, resistant and durable, of higher quality than those of the domestic kitchen. Among others, Servinox offers you industrial stoves, grills, ovens, deep fryers, coffee makers, scales, industrial refrigerators, stainless steel furniture such as shelves for bain marie, racks, service carts, shelves or work tables.

The installations are made with the safety measures required by the manufacturer guaranteeing the operation of the equipment. The installation by Servinox includes:


  • Hydraulic installation in the connection of equipment
  • Installation of gas in the connection of equipment
  • Sanitary installation in the connection of equipment
  • Electrical installation at the connection of the equipment
  • Calibration, preparation, adjustment and start-up of the equipment
  • Technical advice on the management of the equipment
  • Trained technicians with tools and equipment necessary for the execution