iXAPACK GLOBAL offers equipment for the packaging and conditioning of products


iXAPACK GLOBAL is a French company that designs and manufactures cutting, weighing, packaging and packaging equipment for the food and cosmetic industries. Present for 50 years in the machinery sector, iXAPACK GLOBAL accompanies companies in the agri-food and cosmetic sector in France but also in export in the automation of their line.


Flow-wrapping Machine AF300


The AF300 machine is capable of wrapping products of different shapes unitarily, stacked or in a group, at a speed of up to 300 products per minute. The wrapping machine exerts little stress on the products, which makes it possible to wrap fragile products such as cookies, for example.

The AFSA model is designed for packaging fresh products, such as cheese portions, with gas injection into the bags for optimal product preservation.

X Tuck and Folding machine

X tuck and fold wrapping machine

The range of wrappers is designed for the X-fold film wrapping of products at high or medium speed; its versatility allows wrappers of cookies, waffles, hygiene products and more.

The AX50 wrapping machine is capable of wrapping individual, grouped, flat or batch products. Its feeding can be manual or automatic depending on the need.

iXAPACK GLOBAL also has a wide range of equipment for the packaging of products in belts, cases and boxes, as well as for palletizing.

IS Sleeve Wrapping Machine

IS wrap around sleever

The strapping machine proposed by iXAPACK GLOBAL allows the application of a belt on a tray-type product with a bottom gluing. For optimal precision, the dies are placed simultaneously on the products.

The Top Load version of the machine allows depositing a product or a group of continuous products on a tray, with a gluing on top. Overlapping of products, bundled by multiple grouping, many possibilities are available according to the customer’s formats.

Cartoner and Case Packer


The ITC Top Load crating machine and the iCP crating machine allow to form cases/cardboard boxes from dies, to automatically introduce the products using tripod robots and close the cases and boxes. Different types of containers can be handled by these machines (wrap, trays, with 4 corners glued, display…), thus allowing to satisfy all the case/boxed needs that can be found on the market.

IP Palletizer


The IXAPACK GLOBAL range of palletizers allows the automatic palletizing of boxes, cases, bags and bales for palletizing in one or several lines (up to 5).

For optimal palletizing, all palletizing actions can be automated: preparation of layers, picking and placing by the robot, management of separators and entry/exit of full and empty pallets, all this in a totally secure enclosure.