Linotype Packaging represents Kolbus in Spain


Kolbus , specialist in the manufacture of equipment for the processing of corrugated cardboard and compact cardboard, in collaboration with Linotype Packaging have managed to offer the Spanish market the latest technology in this field, where innovation, precision and productivity are hallmarks of identity.

Linotype Packaging & Kolbus GmbH: an alliance for the future

The more than 25 years of collaboration between Linotype and Kolbus are an example of how strategic alliances can drive growth and excellence in the industrial sector. Since its inception in 1775, Kolbus has been a world leader in the manufacture of book binding machinery and since it expanded its business line in 2018 with machinery for the manufacture of boxes, it has twice received the German Packaging Award for precision in the production of compact cardboard boxes at right angles and for its innovative technique in lining the 4 sides of the box individually without molding tools.

Own foundry

Kolbus machines, renowned for their robustness, are manufactured from high quality steel processed in their own foundry. 80% of the parts that make up the machines are manufactured at its headquarters in Germany, achieving a high-performance final product that does not depend on third parties.

Custom corrugated cardboard boxes without die: BX Motion

This new boxmaker, unique on the market, adapts specifically to the needs of each client. With automatic changes and no need for a die, it is the definitive solution for companies that produce custom corrugated cardboard boxes of any type of cardboard quality for short and/or medium runs. With a modular design with servo motor technology, the BX Motion allows you to customize the machine depending on production with the possibility of adding new modules in the future without the need to invest in new machinery.

Kolbus has placed special emphasis on solid frame construction and motorized tools to process Heavy Duty jobs.

It can be equipped with a digital printing module, a gluing module and a waste processing system, all of which are online.

Performance, efficiency and quality: RD115S

For large industries of corrugated box manufacturers, the RD115S flexographic printing rotary die cutter emerges as a key player.
Featuring cutting-edge technology, it can be configured with up to 8 print units plus a die-cutting module in an automated online system. It has a continuous vacuum transport system, capable of processing up to 12,000 products/hour, with the possibility of printing on two sides in a single pass with high graphic quality. Each module has 3 independent servo motors that allow you to “enlarge and reduce” the image during production.

Thanks to its robust construction, we can offer the market a machine that guarantees the absorption of vibrations and noise, working with heavy materials at maximum speed, achieving excellent graphic quality.

Sharp edges, the perfection of luxury packaging

Kolbus offers a new dimension of machines for the manufacture of luxury packaging with an innovative and efficient system in the automated production of lined gray cardboard boxes and cases. These comprehensive solutions are designed to offer versatility and extraordinary quality in finished products with rapid format changes and without molds. High-speed laminating and laminating machines for all types of materials, high-precision cardboard milling machines, invisible magnet inserters, rigid and flexible box placement and gluing line, box lining and forming line are the options that a manufacturer can have. to achieve a luxury finish.