List of Packaging Machine Manufacturers: Wraparound Cartoner and Sleever


Trays of ready meals, multipacks of yogurt cups, beverages, etc., are nowadays usually packed in cardboard sleeves which is a form of packaging that is now becoming more and more popular around the world. In this article, we will talk about cardboard sleeve packaging, and then packaging machines manufacturers in the world of sleever and sleeve wraparound cartoners.


Cardboard sleeve packaging is a type of packaging that is now becoming more and more popular around the world. It is a form of packaging that is more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging, such as plastic or tin, and is also more efficient to produce.

There are many reasons why cardboard sleeve packaging is becoming more popular. One reason is that it is more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging. Cardboard is made from renewable resources, so it is a more sustainable choice than plastic or tin.

Another reason why cardboard sleeve packaging is becoming more popular is that it is more efficient to produce. Cardboard is easier to recycle than plastic or tin, so it requires less energy and resources to produce.

Cardboard sleeve packaging is also more versatile than traditional packaging. It can be printed with any design or logo, and can be made in any size or shape.

There are many companies that are now using cardboard sleeve packaging for their products. Some of these companies include:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Nestle
  • Unilever
  • Kraft

Cardboard sleeve packaging is a popular choice for packaging products such as:

  • Ready meals
  • Yogurt
  • Beverages
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Snacks

Carton sleeve packaging is a type of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that is made from cardboard. This type of packaging is often used to replace plastics. Carton sleeve packaging is considered sustainable because it is made from renewable resources, is recyclable, and does not release harmful toxins into the environment.

If you are considering using cardboard sleeve packaging for your products, there are a few things that you need to know.


Packaging Machines for Cardboard or Carton Sleeve Packaging

There is a wide range of choices about packaging machines for cardboard sleeve and wrap-around applications. For example, if you would like to use pre-glued sleeves are the packaging, you may turn to simply a cartoning machine. Or if you would like to use the unglued flat sleeve blanks, you may need a wrap-around sleever or wrap-around sleeve cartoning machine.

1. Cartoning Machine for Pre Glued Sleeve

A cartoning machine is a packaging machine that forms cartons from pre-glued or unglued flat-sleeve blanks. It is typically used for products that are not too heavy or delicate and can be adapted for a wide range of product sizes and shapes.

2. Wrap-Around Sleever

A wrap-around sleeving machine is a packaging machine that applies a sleeve around a product and then seals the sleeve blank. This type of machine is typically used for products that are relatively delicate, or for products that are of an irregular shape.

3. Wrap Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine

Wrap around sleeve cartoning machines are probably one of the most common types of machines used in the sleeve packaging industry. They are used in a variety of industries for packaging various products. The machines are versatile and can be used for packaging products of different sizes and shapes. Wrap around sleeve cartoning machines work by applying unglued flat sleeve blanks around the product. The sleeve is then sealed in the upper part of the package.


Manufacturers of Sleeve Wrap Around Packaging Machines in the World

Lead Technology

Lead Technology

Lead Technology develops and manufactures a variety of packaging machines of end-load cartoning, wraparound sleeve packaging, tray forming and case packing. Lead Technology is an Israel-based company with a network of agents and distributors spread all over the world.

The company is well-known for their solid experience and knowledge gained with past projects around sleeve wrap-around applications.

Lead Technology has handled a variety of sleeve wrap packaging, among which there are:

  • Packaging for yogurt cups in sleeves
  • Cans and glass jars in sleeve
  • Yogurt plastic bottles in carton sleeve
  • Tuna cans in carton sleeves
  • Ready meals in carton sleeves
  • Fruit cans in carton sleeves
  • Pudding cups in carton sleeves


Kliklok Woodman (a Syntegon Company)

kliklok woodman

Kliklok Woodman was a UK-based packaging machines company specializing in the design and manufacturing of cartoners, sleevers, multihead weighers… the company was acquired by BOSCH Technology which later changed their business name into Syntegon, and now one of the world’s leading manufacturer of packaging automation solutions.

The classic models by Kliklok Woodman are now still among the category of Syntegon, which stands for their cutting-edge technology and positioning as a trailblazer ever since some decades. Their wrap-around sleevers, even though were designed in the 2000s, are now still of market-leading performance and efficiency. Wrap-around cartoners and sleevers by Kliklok Woodman are:

  • C80 Certiwrap Wraparound Cartoner

C80 is the entry-level wraparound cartoner (sleever) by Kliklok. The machine is built on a cantilevered structure and is available for wash down design, a centered lubrication system so as to meet the restrictive requirements in the food industry. C80 Certiwrap Wraparound Cartoner can run up to 80 wraps per minute,

  • C150 Certiwrap Wraparound Cartoner

The Certiwrap 150 has been developed to handle a wide range of different products and carton styles and shapes, including full, economy, watch strap style, gussetted and other carton profiles to suit the changing packaging requirements of various food sectors. Thanks to its predominantly stainless steel construction, the Certiwrap 150 is suitable for use in the washdown conditions of the dairy and meat processing industries.

  • ELITE Wraparound Sleever


Paker Group

Since 1985, the PAKER company has benefited from a strong experience in the field of cardboard overwrapping machines and complementary equipment for the ends of lines. With qualified engineers and technicians, the Paker Group ensures that the totality of operations is taken into account: study of packaging and equipment, realization, commissioning, after-sales service and warranty.

Sleevers and sleeve wraparounds solutions from Packer Group are available for wide range of packaging forms: trays, cups, tubs, pots, bottles… and have reached to those most complex sleeve wrap around packaging for the beverage industry.

Groupe Emballage Technologies

Created in 1989 in Quimper, ETPACK has built a solid reputation in the design, development and production of solutions for your packaging lines.
At our new production site, we design and manufacture a wide range of automated machines to meet your needs for the mechanization of compact cardboard and corrugated cardboard, up to robotic palletizing.
Thanks to the quality and reliability of our equipment, the expertise of our teams engaged on a daily basis in companies, we provide efficient and effective solutions for a long time.

For 30 years ETPACK has been designing and manufacturing Ecowrap Overwrappers (ETW range) for speeds of 20 to 240 sleeves per minute, in continuous or robotic operation according to the specificities of customers. The Ecowrap ETPACK overwrappers are designed entirely in stainless steel and equipped with the latest automation technologies to meet the most demanding operating conditions and specifications for the food, non-food, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sectors.

Ecowrap ETPACK overwrappers are multi-format to meet a wide range of bare or pre-packaged products in batches or individually. The Ecowrap ETPACK overwrappers integrate perfectly into existing processes and can be powered by manual or automated solutions according to customer needs, these solutions are also designed and manufactured by ETPACK (see ETA range).

The Ecowrap ANDPACK overwrappers allow quick format changes thanks to easy access settings and ergonomics. The Ecowrap ANDPACK overwrappers make it possible to pass from flat cuts, cartons of different qualities either in all-wood compact cardboard, recycled cardboard, kraft cardboard, cardboard with waterproof or food coating or micro fluted, the sleeves are glued by hot glue generators allowing an optimization of the glue points either in upper, lower or on the sides. There is also a range of glueless overwrappers with a clip closure.


KeyMac Packaging Systems

KeyMac Packaging System is another UK-based company that dedicates to cartoning and sleeve packaging. Sleeving machines by KeyMac are featured by their compact footprint and user-friendly structure. Sleeving machines by KeyMac have reached all courners of the worlds with an estimated 15 million of trays wrapped by carton sleeve each with their sleeve packaging machines.

Sleeving machines by Keymac are basically continuous motion and apply pre-glued sleeves and call for low maintenance and affordable running cost.


JASA – Specialist in verpakkingsoplossingen

JASA stands for innovation. Thinking Out of the box is JASA’s second nature, offering our customers innovations and smart packaging solutions. We have more than 35 years of experience as a system integrator and take full responsibility for the entire sorting, weighing and packaging process; from the supply of products to weighing, and whether or not robotized filling and closing of the packaging. In the development of these solutions, JASA considers it important to contribute to both the reduction of (plastic) packaging material, the reduction of energy consumption, as well as the design of maintenance-friendly systems.

JASA is a close competitor of KeyMac Packaging System in Europe. Just like the sleeving machines manufactured the Keymac, those of JASA are of the same pattern of functions to apply pre-glued sleeves.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a recently appeared small business in China and a new player in the market of packaging machines for wrap around sleever and sleeve wrap around cartoning machines. ÉLITER Packaging Machinery claims to be a small family-owned business with only 18 people. The company designs and manufactures cartoning machines, overwrapping machines, wraparound sleevers and sleeve wrap around cartoning machines.

DM Pack

DM Pack is an Italian company with 15 years of experience designs and produces packaging machines from primary packaging to secondary packaging and tertiary packaging. Packaging machines from DM Pack are designed with a mindset of ¨¨Made in Italy¨.


How to Make your Decisions to Buy a Sleeve Packaging Machine?

Before making the choice in front of a variety of packaging machines for your wrap around sleeve packaging. you should consider various facts to trade off your decisions.

What kind of sleeve do you need?

Depending on whether you are going to use pre-glued sleeve or unglued flat sleeve blanks, you will have different choices.

For pre-glued sleeves, you can turn to: sleeving machine, cartoning machine, pre-glued sleever.

For unglued flat sleeves, you need a wraparound sleever or sleeve wrap around cartoner.

How much you can afford?

Wrap-around sleever is usually the most expensive choice among these options. If you need a compact and affordable option, sleeving machines by JASA or KeyMac can be the choice.

Washdown or Not?

If you are a picky end-user and need a washdown construction, you’d better turn to a wraparound sleever or drop-through designed sleeve cartoner or sleeving machine for the convenience of cleaning and low maintenance.


The sleeve is a versatile secondary packaging nad there is a wide range of packaging machines that can meet your expectations at different levels. We wish this article has been of help to get you hint with your purchase of packaging machine for wrap around sleeve packaging.