Mettler Toledo will present at Interpack intelligent solutions that help boost food manufacturing productivity


These new product inspection solutions will be shown for the first time in Europe, including the new X2 X-ray inspection platform and the entry-level X12 X-ray inspection system, along with a complete catalog of inspection technologies integrated with the ProdX data management software.

Mettler Toledo’s product inspection division will create an atmosphere of productivity and integration at the Interpack trade fair in May 2023. The company will exhibit a wide range of intelligent product inspection systems; some of them will be exhibited for the first time in Europe. All the solutions are designed to help food manufacturers to address the growing need for digitalization of the market, as well as to cope with the increase in manufacturing costs.

The Mettler Toledo stand (A60 in Hall 11 of the Messe Düsseldorf, Germany) will consist of several ‘islands’ of different themes, under the slogan ‘Improve Productivity’. These include areas dedicated to weight control, metal detection, X-ray inspection, vision inspection, traceability and tracking, and combined product inspection systems, in which more than one product inspection technology is integrated into a single structure.

The motto ‘Improve Productivity’ will come to life thanks to the inclusion of many of the latest Mettler Toledo technologies in an integrated loop that is connected to the Mettler-Toledo ProdX data management software. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see a hands-on demonstration of how connectivity can offer a wide range of digital productivity and security benefits.

Interpack will provide Mettler Toledo with the opportunity to present the X-ray inspection platform, X2. The X2 platform is designed for the inspection of small and medium packages with a tape width of 300 mm and 400 mm. The X-ray inspection solutions inside the platform are designed to uniformly offer high-performance detection functions, in order to ensure the safety and quality of food products.

As part of the X2 platform, the entry-level X-ray inspection solution, X12, will be exhibited for the first time in Europe at Interpack. This X-ray solution is ideal for brand owners who require cost-effective contaminant detection with additional integrity checks. A key feature of the system is the ContamPlus software, which enhances the detection functions to identify a wide variety of contaminants, including glasses, metals, mineral stones, calcified bones, dense plastics and rubber compounds.

Another innovation that will be shown for the first time is the X-ray inspection system, X32. As part of the X2 series, this X-ray inspection solution consists of an advanced detector and an optimal power generator for exceptional detection performance.

Also on display at the stand will be the X32 modular X-ray inspection system, which is part of the new X2 platform and offers users great flexibility in the way they configure their X-ray inspection system.

As for metal detection, Mettler Toledo will show several machines, including the versatile M31R StandardLine, which is ideal for dry and wet applications, and the M33R GC and M34R GC PlusLine metal detection systems, which provide a radical change in performance and sensitivity for dry, deep-frozen, wet or foil-packed products, which are inspected using a conveyor belt. With the latest enhancements to the SENSE software, all these metal detection solutions facilitate compliance with sustainability initiatives, thanks to paperless record keeping, increase productivity by simplifying essential tasks and simplify regulatory compliance. Visit the stand to discover a new range of software upgrade packages that incorporate the PlusLine function in the M31R StandardLine metal detectors, as well as to see how the automated Record keeping of the ProdX software works.

Also available at the Mettler Toledo stand is the Automatic Check System (ATS), recommended by dealers for throat and gravity drop systems. Visitors will see how this award-winning innovation (Award for Innovation in Sanitary Quality, safety and Environment, CFIA Show 2019) can significantly increase operator productivity.

From Interpack, a new vision inspection system, the V13 Flat Pack Label Inspection system, will be launched worldwide. This system performs the inspection, from the bottom up, with a unique scanning camera of the line, to inspect the labels on the bottom of the flat packs at speeds of up to 300 packs per minute. This system completes Mettler Toledo’s collection of label inspection solutions, which perform complete label inspections, from all directions, for all forms of packaging, and for all label quality and data defects. The systems are modular, can be configured to suit the customer’s application and are available as kits, stand-alone or combined systems.

Two new standardized combined systems will also be launched in Interpack, which integrate all label inspection with weight control and, optionally, also metal detection. These combined systems offer advanced quality control, regardless of the shape of the product.

Also available at the Mettler Toledo stand will be advanced checkweighers with the new FlashCell EMFR technology, which enables precision weighing at speeds of up to 800 packages per minute, as well as washable checkweighers, designed for difficult production environments that support intense and frequent cleaning while offering reliable accuracy.

“We look forward to bringing new product inspection technology and positive messages to our current and potential food customers at Interpack,” said Rainer Mundt, marketing director of the Product Inspection division at Mettler Toledo, Germany. “In the midst of this increase in manufacturing costs and distribution chain pressures, manufacturers need product inspection solutions that make them more productive without compromising food safety. We will show a variety of systems and software that will lead them towards a digitized and sustainable future; systems that will boost their productivity performance at dynamic levels.”

Those who come to the exhibition stand will be able to meet with Mettler Toledo experts, discuss the wide range of service options and relax a little with a soft drink. Mettler Toledo also offers free tickets to Interpack shows for guests who register in advance.