Micron + Foam: the first compact Foam melter that offers double savings


Meler – Your Gluing Solutions Partner, an international company with more than 40 years as a specialist in the development and improvement of adhesive processes, presents Micron + Foam: a compact melter for foaming hot melt adhesives that offers double savings (60% energy savings and up to 50% reduction in adhesive consumption).

Meler has developed a compact equipment to generate high-quality foam adhesive through the perfect mixture of gas and adhesive. This technology allows you to achieve more, while needing less. Greater savings thanks to the energy efficiency of Micron + and lower adhesive consumption (up to 50% lower) thanks to the productivity offered by foam.

micron meler 2

The advantages of a compact foam system

The productive advantages of foam, such as the increase in cord volume, longer adhesive opening time and more controlled dosage even on inclined surfaces, have been essential for the improvement of sectors such as the automotive industry or the manufacturing of household appliances. Now this new melter, with smaller dimensions and very easy to use, makes the use of foamed adhesives accessible to any business regardless of the type of hot melt used since it is compatible with almost all adhesives on the market.

micron meler

The connectivity of an Industry 4.0 melter

In addition to the easy integration of a more compact melter unit, its touch screen facilitates direct control of the pumping and melter working modes. Compatible with all industry communication protocols, it allows data monitoring in real time and its implementation is agile and simple.

With the launch of Micron + Foam, Meler reinforces its commitment to improve the business of applying industrial adhesives through the design of durable equipment with sustainability criteria and that guarantees the optimization of resources.

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