Mink Bürsten presents the Mink Slide-Brush


Mink Bürsten presented at the last edition of Hispack, the Mink Slide-Brush for vibrating conveyors offers a variety of advantages to optimize your transport processes. As a replacement for Brushlon 321B, which is no longer manufactured by 3M, it allows material to be transported uniformly in linear and spiral directions, as well as a simple change of direction thanks to the inclined position of the brush fibers. Small parts, such as screws or nuts, are transported to their final position by vibration on the fiber tips.

The flexible backing material and adaptable brush fibers reduce the noise level by up to 40%. The uniform inclination of the fibers is only achieved with Mink brushes, since it is constant from the base of the fiber to the tip and thus guarantees enormous stability during the transport process. Overall, Mink Slide-Brush technology offers a comprehensive solution to your material handling challenges that combines efficiency, durability and productivity.

Improved conveying performance and up to three times the speed achieved thanks to the built-in Mink Slide-Brush reduce operating costs and increase productivity.


  • Uniform transportation of parts in different directions
  • Does not damage the transported products thanks to the soft fibers noise reduction
  • High stability
  • Improved transportation performance increases productivity
  • Triple transport speed, thanks to the inclined position of the fibers
  • High flexibility of the support material.