Mondi collaborates with Noel Alimentaria to reduce the use of plastic in fresh food packaging


Mondi collaborates with Noel Alimentaria for rMondi has worked closely with Noel Alimentaria to identify the best possible packaging solution for its range of vegetable and meat foods. This collaboration resulted in Noel Alimentaria choosing Mondi’s PerFORMing paper tray to package its new range of plant-based foods and veggie burgers ‘Verday’. Verday is used by Marks and Spencer’s for their ‘Plant Kitchen’ range in the UK and supplied in the Nordic markets for ham and sausage products.

Being formable, the trays can be molded and adapted to a range of food products of different sizes, with a high symmetrical elongation that allows uniform moldability, ideal for shallow food trays. PerFORMing provides a strong barrier of protection against moisture and oxygen, keeping food fresh throughout the storage and distribution process. The trays are composed of 80% paper, compared to the industry standard, in which they are manufactured 100% in plastic, which means that the plastic content of the tray has been greatly reduced. The paper tray is designed for recycling and has passed the recyclability tests of the German institute PTS (Papertechnische Stiftung, method RH:021/97).

Falk Paulsen, director of sales and business development at Mondi, says: “By working very closely with Noel Alimentaria from the very beginning, we were able to ensure that we offered the best possible option for the entire range of meat and non-meat products, using a tray made from renewable and sustainably sourced material that offers maximum protection for the merchandise.”

María Sánchez, Corporate Marketing Director of Noel Alimentaria, says: “We distribute our premium quality food throughout Europe, so it is essential to have the right packaging, to properly maintain the freshness of the products and protect them. At the same time, sustainability is high on our agenda, and it was a pleasure to work so closely with Mondi to find the most suitable solution. We were able to implement the new paper trays in our current machinery and now we will use the same solution for our other ranges of ham and other meat products.”