Multipack – packaging technology that groups products for Industry 4.0


Packaging to Group Individual Units

One of the most outstanding solutions that 3M will present at en Andina-Pack 2022 will be Multipack, which avoids the inconveniences related to the bundling process, such as extra material, inefficient supply chain, and damage to the primary packaging.

3M argues that although the equipment to create heat-shrinkable packages are the most common, they are expensive to install and difficult to handle, they do not always deliver a well-presented product and generate a lot of plastic waste, so this solution promises to save money, improve the appearance of multi-packages, and reduce waste.

Multipack combines Scotch Multipack tape technology with equipment that is easily integrated into production lines, improving energy efficiency and increasing speed. The adhesive technology of the tape allows for easy removal, so the primary packaging is not damaged.

This combination of efficient machinery plus a repositionable tape offers improvement in design options by being discreet and not obstructing the primary packaging (the tape can be printed with a brand message or logo, or left clean), high productivity of up to 60 ties per minute, reduction of material costs, clean removal, different configurations (vertical, side-by-side, stacked, customized), and up to 50% reduction in plastic waste.

Multipack – The Line of flexible packaging for factory 4.0

Multipack is the innovative packaging system developed for the production of cardboard packaging for tiles with a width of up to 120 x 180 cm. The new packaging line consists of a central module around which 8 cardboard warehouses are placed. Thanks to the capacity of these warehouses the system is able to work for a long time in perfect autonomy.

The warehouses are located near the product collection point, a feature that allows up to 10 personalized packages per minute.

Multipack is a packaging process studied according to the most evolved criteria of lean manufacturing. The shape of the box, the type of product to be packed (first, second or third choice) and the graphic to be printed on the packaging are the three guidelines that direct the entire process.

Multipack is a technology that simplifies the management of cardboard reserves thanks to the possibility of being able to customize the neutral die at the moment. The warehouses can accommodate pre-printed dies or neutral dies on which the printing is applied on demand by the integrated digital printer.

The operations of making the packaging start from the Copilot touch console, by which the operator programs the desired measurements for the 4 sides of the packaging. After confirming the dimensions of the box, the system creates the packaging around the stack of tiles in a few seconds. Among the peculiar aspects that make Multipack an innovative system is the double protection at the angles as protection of the product during displacement and transport operations. The last step is represented by personalized high definition printing, while the side door allows easy and safe access to the operators for maintenance interventions.

Multipack reflects an avant-garde packaging system, with the aim of offering the world market an advanced packaging process, capable of satisfying the performance and flexibility of production in a lean manufacturing 4.0 perspective.