Nature MultiPack: pet bales now also with cardboard carrying handle


The company sets goals to eliminate plastic and increase percentage of recycled packaging

Clever thinking: with the so-called” Bottleclip”, the KHS Group adds yet another resource-efficient alternative to its successful Nature MultiPack packaging solution. From the combination of tested and approved adhesive dots and a new cardboard carrying handle is born a dimensionally stable packaging for bales of PET bottles for drinks.

The New Bottleclip expands KHS ‘ range of innovative packaging solutions. The development is the result of detailed customer research: the new alternative reflects the beverage industry’s demand for environmentally friendly solutions in the area of secondary packaging. Especially the low material consumption and the reduction of plastic are points of great importance, from the perspective of the market.

Smart combination

With its “Bottleclip” solution, KHS meets both requirements: thanks to the use of proven quality adhesive dots, there is no need for external packaging. In addition, the new cardboard carrying handle allows for convenient, plastic-free transport. Extensive handling and laboratory tests have attested to the practicality of bale wrapping. With the resource-efficient solution, beverage manufacturers can completely dispense with the use of Shrink Film.

Presentation success

The sustainable packaging alternative was created in close cooperation with a well-known European supplier of paper and cardboard. The idea is to have two to eight PET bottles per bale with volumes between 250 ml and 2 liters. The optimal presentation depends on the exact orientation of the bottles inside the package. In this way, beverage manufacturers achieve an attractive Billboard effect at the point of sale, which can be made even more interesting by printing the entire cardboard area.

The new bales are processed on the KHS Innopack kisters NMP modular Baler. The existing module for the application of the plastic transport handle from until then has been replaced by a newly developed one, responsible for feeding cardboard and placing the alternative cardboard transport handle in the PET packaging. Previously necessary process steps such as distribution to different lanes as well as intermediate storage and turning of the bales are no longer necessary. All this allows savings of up to four meters in machine length – a great advantage for users with limited production space.