New 100% recyclability seal for wooden packaging: Ecowoox


The total recyclability seal for wooden packaging is now a reality. FEDEMCO, the Spanish Federation of Wooden Packaging and its Components, has presented the Ecowoox distinctive at the international Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid.

The European certification mark, exclusive for wooden packaging,
guarantees the total recyclability of wooden packaging.

The pioneering European brand, which certifies the recyclability of wooden containers and packaging, was born as a private initiative promoted by the Spanish federation, the largest of all European federations. “Wooden containers are the most sustainable on the market. Many companies and most consumers are unaware of this today,” says Raquel Aguado, director of FEDEMCO. “With Ecowoox we seek to highlight the total recyclability of our wooden packaging. On the one hand, we want to give consumers a tool so that they know how to recognize these packaging and can make responsible consumption. On the other hand, we want companies committed to sustainability to be able to use this certification as an element of differentiation for their packaging,” she adds.

The seal based on UNE standards complies with Spanish legislation and anticipates the new European regulations on eco-design, recyclability and economic recovery of packaging. It certifies the total recyclability of each of the components of the packaging and ensures maximum savings in raw materials, by guaranteeing that the packaging has been manufactured with the minimum possible material without compromising its function. In this way, it ensures a minimum waste generated in addition to its total recyclability.

“We are very proud of the excellent reception that Ecowoox is having among our associates, Spanish manufacturers of wooden packaging. There are already three companies that have completed the certification process and more than a dozen companies are in an advanced phase of the process” thanks to a subsidy from the Generalitat Valenciana, explains Aguado. “Without a doubt, this seal responds to a need that already existed in the market. Also from outside Spain. Several international companies have shown us their interest in becoming certified and our desire is for this initiative to also grow globally,” says Aguado.

The wooden packaging sector acts jointly in Brussels through its Grow International Federation, made up of Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In these next two years FEDEMCO presides over the European federation; The objective is to give impetus to the formation of a powerful European lobby.

The most sustainable packaging

Wood is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable raw material, already existing in thenature. That is why its transformation into packaging consumes less water resources and

energy than other types of packaging. Furthermore, its carbon footprint is negative, since

The sustainable forests where the wood comes from absorb more CO2 than is emitted

in manufacturing.

Spain, European leader in wooden packaging

  • Spain stands out as a European leader in the production and export of wooden containers, mainly intended for the marketing of fruits and vegetables.
  • The wooden packaging sector generates more than 10,000 jobs throughout the national territory.
  • The national federation FEDEMCO brings together 66 companies and is a founding member of the European association Grow International.