New releases of Hitachi equipment


2022 has been a great year for Trébol group, the Spanish coding and marking company. In addition to celebrating its twenty years in the sector, it has launched 2 new equipment by Hitachi, of which they are official suppliers in Spain and Portugal. At the end of 2021 they already made a preview of the new Hitachi Inkjet UX2 equipment presenting the first model in Europe at the Empack Madrid fair, making clear their commitment to savings and sustainability.

In the middle of last year it became official the launch of this continuous inkjet equipment of the UX2 series that has 4 key points:

  • Patented Printhead Cleaning Station : thoroughly cleans and dries in one operation. It eliminates the need to handle the solvent to clean the printhead, preventing it from evaporating and exposing the operator to these gases.
  • Its drop control algorithm allows printing codes that are fully readable and with excellent quality at the highest production speeds. It has two head sizes for optimal print quality.
  • You can print 3 times more thanks to the unique design of the print head and its patented “Ink guard” system. The result is fewer problems in print quality and less frequent cleaning of the head.
  • Sustainable design, its pump reduces the operating cost and VOC emissions, has the lowest additive consumption on the market and its energy consumption is one of the lowest on the market. It works with MEK free tubs that favor the safety of workers and reduce the frequency of consumable loads by up to a third.

At the end of the year they surprised us with the launch of their thermal ink encoder (TIJ) developed by Hitachi Japan. This equipment is characterized by its ease of use, low maintenance, minimal investment, quick start-up and an innovative system that reduces ink consumption by up to 50%. It is a coding system designed for both products and boxes and of which 3 different models have been released:

  • HTJ-1100 (One Inch): With a printing height of 25.4 mm and integrated display is controlled via the wireless keyboard. It prints crisp texts, logos, variable data and barcodes on porous and non-porous surfaces. It has a wide variety of inks in different colors.
  • HTJ-1050 (Half-Inch): It has the same features as the one-inch, but prints up to 12.7mm high and is controlled via PC or Bluetooth.
  • HTJ-4400 (Multi-Heads): Brand several products on different substrates with multiple heads. It works with 0.5” or 1” cartridges and can reach a printing height of 101 mm. It has different types of cartridges: HP, IUT or Funai, depending on the marking needs and a wide range of inks. In addition, its functionalities allow optimizing the coding process: Tests to detect the status of the injectors, automatic purge, Stitching function to avoid overlapping messages, Firmware and Software update and the WYSWYG function (what you see what you get).

Trébol group has always been at the forefront of the latest developments in coding and its R&D department is constantly on the move to develop more sustainable procedures.